Segment Categories and Segment Category Sharing

You may wish to use Segment Categories to organize your segments into a hierarchy for a cleaner appearance in the Targeting > Segments section of the Edit Line Item screen.

To create a category:

  1. Navigate to Trafficking > Segments
  2. Select “Manage Categories”
  3. Select “Add Top Level Category” and provide the category a name.
  4. Press enter.
  5. You can create additional child categories by using the + button to the right of any given category

You can then associate segments to categories in the Edit Segment screen for any given segment.

  1. Navigate to Trafficking > Segments
  2. Select the Edit option for the segment you wish to categorize
  3. Select the “Segment Categories” tab
  4. Select the category (or categories) you wish to add the segment to

You will then see in the Edit Line Item > Targeting > Segment section under “Your Segments” your newly created category with the associated segments beneath it.  

Note that Segment Categories exist at the Advertiser level or at the Account level.  If you are not seeing the category you created in the Targeting > Segment > Your Segments list, you most likely created the category under a different advertiser than the one the line item you are editing is associated to.

To delete categories, in “Manage Categories,” use the - button to the right of the category.  You cannot delete a category that has child categories.

Segment Categories (and the corresponding segments underneath them) may also be shared (via API only) between accounts within the same Buzz instance.   For example, if you have different Accounts for each customer of your business, but have a master Account that includes Segment Categories that multiple customers can access, you would use this object to share the Segment Categories with your customers.  For more info on the API calls required, please see

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