Unknown Values in Reporting

When a field in reporting has a value of UNKNOWN (or sometimes "-1") this is caused by one of two factors:

  • The field was not present in the original auction request (most likely the cause)

Beeswax is integrated with many Ad Exchanges, each of which has different levels of detail in their auction requests. For example, an exchange like Google's AdX may always include an IAB category in the auction request, while another exchange like AOL's Adap.tv will never provide the IAB Category.

As a result of these disparities in available data, it is very likely that targeting set in Buzz will work differently on different exchanges, and the aggregated reporting provided in the Buzz UI will also include many fields with the value UNKNOWN.

  • The impression was recorded well after the original auction request (more than 24 hours) and the data was no longer available in our aggregation system
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