Post-bid Viewability Measurement - Banner

Beeswax has a direct integration with IAS, MOAT and DoubleVerify for viewability reporting of desktop web, mobile web, and mobile in app display ads. In order to set up any of these vendors on a line item, navigate to the "Creative Add-On" field in the "Pixels and Scripts" section of the "Edit Creative" screen and select "IAS Banner Tag", "MOAT Banner Tag" or “DoubleVerify Banner Tag”. Current prices for the add-ons are always listed in the Buzz user interface.

Vendor Descriptions

Each vendor uses the IAB definition of Viewability and Measurability:

  • 50% of the ad unit in view for a minimum of 1 second for standard ad formats such as leaderboards and MPUs.
Vendor Moat (Oracle) Integral Ad Science (IAS) DoubleVerify (DV)
  • Desktop & Mobile Web Banner
  • Mobile-App Banner: OMID (OMSDK), or MOAT SDK Enabled Apps
  • Desktop & Mobile Web Banner
  • Mobile-App Banner: MRAID Environments or OMID (OMSDK)
  • Desktop & Mobile Web Banner: All
  • Mobile-App Banner: MRAID Environments or OMID (OMSDK)
Reporting Behaviour

For each hour that Moat delivers their data, Beeswax will join the viewability log metrics with existing impression log data. Customers should expect to see Moat viewability. data within Report Builder reports approximately 4 hours post impression.

IAS delivers their data to Beeswax each day near mid-day Eastern time. This data feed contains data for the  previous day. Customers should expect to IAS viewability data within query tool reports approximately 28 hours post impression. DoubleVerify aggregates and delivers files on an hourly basis. Data contained in these files is typically delivered 4-6 hours after the measurement has taken place.

*Note: At this time, you should not use multiple viewability partner creative add-ons on the same creative as the data set will be corrupted. 

The metrics that are available in Report Builder include the following:

  • Viewable Impressions - The number of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was in-view for more than a second
  • Measurable Impressions - The number of impressions where viewability was measurable
  • vCPM - The CPM calculated against viewable impressions
  • Viewability % - Viewable Impressions / Total Impressions counted by Beeswax
  • Measurable % - Measurable Impressions / Total Impressions counted by Beeswax
  • Viewability/Measurability % - Viewable Impressions / Measurable Impressions
  • Viewable Seconds - Total number of seconds that were viewable
  • Average Viewable Seconds - Viewable Seconds / Viewable Impression

See below for a summary breakdown of the post-bid capabilities of each vendor:

Vendor DV Moat IAS
Measurable Impressions Y Y Y
Viewable Impressions Y Y Y
Invalid Impressions Y Y Y
Viewable Seconds N Y Y
Invalid Reason Codes N Y N
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