AdChoices is a self-regulated tool from the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) which allows users to know when information about browsing activity and interests may be collected or used for online advertising.

AdChoices is completely controlled by the advertiser and is not included by the exchange. The AdChoices script is supported by Beeswax as a creative add-on. 

If a user chooses to opt out via an AdChoices icon, their cookie/device ID will be excluded from Beeswax’s audience pool and Beeswax will no longer be able to target them.

To add AdChoices as a Creative Add-On in the UI:

  1. Navigate to the creative you are adding AdChoices to
  2. Open the 'pixels and scripts' section
  3. Under 'creative add-ons' select one of the AdChoices options. Options for placement and size include:
    1. Small, bottom-right / Large, bottom-right
    2. Small, bottom-left / Large, bottom-left
    3. Small, top-right / Large, top-right
    4. Small, top-left / Large, top-left
  4. Once selected, the logo will appear on the creative in preview and click through to this page.
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