Vendor Fees

Vendor Fees in the Beeswax platform are a way to optionally include serving costs associated with third-party vendors into Beeswax media spend and reporting. You can also create custom Vendor Fees to withhold your own fee (further details can be found here). Vendor Fees can be applied at the campaign or line item level and allow clients to set a budget at the respective level that includes both media spend and Vendor Fees. 

To apply Vendor Fees:

  1. First, create a vendor by going to Admin > Vendors > +New > Vendor
    1. Fill out the name, fee type, alternative ID
  2. Open the campaign or line item to edit
  3. Toggle to the ‘Vendor Fees’ tab
  4. Select the vendor from the drop down, assign a fee name, type and amount
  5. Switch back to the overview tab and select your budget type: 
    1. If 'Spend with Vendor Fees' is selected, any 3rd party data with fees already in Beeswax (IAS Prebid segments, Moat Viewability pixel, Bluekai segments, etc.), Beeswax ad serving fees, and any custom Vendor Fees applied to the line item/campaign will be included in the budget.
    2. If just `Spend` is selected, the campaign or line item will spend without including fees, however, vendor fees additional to spend will be available in reporting

In order to view Vendor Fees in reporting:

  1. Select ‘Vendor Report’ from the Report Type drop-down
  2. Select ‘Spend’ and ‘Vendor Fees’ as fields in the ‘Metrics’ section
    1. Note the spend will be media spend plus vendor fees if you selected ‘Spend with Vendor Fees’ as the Budget Type
    2. Further details on the fields/metrics included in the Vendor Report can be found here


Q: Do vendor fees impact my CPM bid?

A: No, vendor fees do not impact your CPM bid. If using "Spend with Vendor Fees" as the budget type, then Vendor Fees will only impact budget.

Q: Does Beeswax support Vendor Fees at a fraction of a cent?

A: Yes, Beeswax supports Vendor Fees with 3 decimals. 

Q: What do custom vendor fees apply to? 

A: Custom Vendor fees only apply to media spend. As a result, they do not apply to 3rd party data or Beeswax ad serving costs.

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