Native FAQ

Q: What is Native?

A: Native is a form of advertising in which the ad experience blends in with the form and function of the user experience/site in which it is placed.

Native is both an inventory type and a creative type in the Beeswax platform. The inventory is varied and includes many new formats such as article feeds, content walls, etc. 

As a creative type, it consists of many raw assets assembled on the fly by publishers to make the creative feel native to the content.

Q: What environments support native?

A: Beeswax currently offers mostly in-app native inventory, but a small amount of native web inventory is available on Google AdX and AdYouLike.

Q: What is a native offer?

A: A native offer is a new object in the Beeswax system that contains many parts of a native placement such as the title, description, app icon, etc.

Native offers associate to native creatives in a one to many fashion, and allow customers to easily associate native copy (in the native offer) with many different creatives. The native creatives include the image or video assets associated with the native placement.

The relationship between these objects can be found drawn out below:

Q: Which inventory sources are Native available on?

A: Most native formats are available on Google AdX and MoPub on mobile in-app placements (native content offers available on AdX only). Please note that most MoPub native traffic is the 'native app install' inventory, while most Google AdX native traffic is 'native image content' inventory. AdYouLike offers web-based native inventory.

Q:  What is layout targeting?

A: Layout targeting is a new type of targeting only available on native line items, and allows customers to target based on specific layouts. The layouts available are:

  • Content wall
  • App wall
  • News feed
  • Chat list
  • Carousel
  • Content stream

Note: This targeting type is only available on Mopub and not passed on all bid requests, and may limit traffic.

Q: What kind of reporting is available for Native line items?

A: Native line items are supported across all report types. The below parameters are a good start to break out reporting and optimize by creative, app, etc:

  • Report type: mobile app report
  • Fields: placement type, app ID, app bundle, creative ID
  • Metrics: impressions, clicks, video plays*, video completes*, video complete percent*

*For video native creative types. Note that native video creatives can either be auto-play or press to play. The best way to measure this is to calculate the difference between impressions and video plays on a placement. If they are nearly equal or on par, they are coming from an autoplay placement; if the video plays are significantly lower than the impressions, than it is a press to play placement.

Q: Troubleshooting?

A: For the most part, the same steps for troubleshooting other line item types can be used to troubleshoot native line items. Below are some additional native-specific troubleshooting steps:

  • Check if there is layout targeting applied - this may limit traffic
  • Check that the line item type is set to native
  • Make sure only Google AdX, MoPub, and AdYouLike are being targeted, as these are the only inventory sources with native traffic available

Q: What tracking is available on Native?

A: Native currently supports the use of macros and dynamic macros.  Third party scripts when supported by the exchange are supported in Beeswax. Creative add ons are not supported on native. Tracking pixels are allowed.

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