Currency FAQ

How do I create a Campaign and Line Item with a different currency than the default in Buzz?

Multiple currencies are supported for reporting and budgeting within Beeswax. A currency can be set when you create a campaign. However, once a campaign is created, the currency cannot be changed.

Line Items within that campaign will inherit the currency that is set at the Campaign level, and all line items within a campaign must be the same currency.

How do I see currencies in reports?

If you are using multiple currencies in Beeswax, it is important to ensure you pull the ‘currency’ field in reporting. The `spend` and all financial fields in reporting (CPM, Gross Margin, etc) will always be in the campaign's currency.

All currency rates are linked to the rate at the time of the transaction, not the current rate when the report was pulled.

How can I change the default currency in Buzz?

Please reach out to Beeswax Support,who can change this for you.

You are also able to set a default currency at the advertiser level.

I want to use a currency that isn’t listed in Buzz - how can I turn it on?

Please reach out to Beeswax Support, who can turn on additional currencies in the UI for you. Currently the currencies supported are:

Currency Code Currency
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham
ARS Argentine Peso
Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real
Canadian Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc
CLP Chilean Peso
COP Colombian Peso
EUR Euro
GBP Great British Pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
IDR Indonesian Rupiah
INR Indian Rupee
JPY Japanese Yen
KRW South Korean Won
MXN Mexican Peso
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
NZD New Zealand Dollar
PEN Peruvian Sol
PHP Philippine Peso
PLN Polish Złoty
RUB Russian Ruble
SEK Swedish Krona
SGD Singapore Dollar
THB Thai Baht
UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia
USD United States Dollar

Vietnamese Dong

Additional currencies may be added over time, please let us know if you require a currency not currently supported.

What currency codes do you use?

Currency codes are expressed in ISO 4217 codes

What currency should I bid in with my Custom Bidding Agent?

Bid Agent Requests from Beeswax indicate the currency associated with each matched line item and your custom bidding agents is expected to submit the bids in the currency that is declared.

What currency does Beeswax bid in?

When a bid is submitted to an inventory source as a bid response, it is in USD. This is the standard for the inventory sources we work with.

Where is the Beeswax exchange rate data from? How frequently is it updated?

Beeswax pulls its currency rates from The rates are updated on an hourly basis.

How does currency affect the monthly invoice from Beeswax?

Beeswax only bills in USD, regardless of the currency used for campaigns. If you want to pull reporting from the Buzz UI to reconcile against billing, you can use the "media_spend_usd" field to see the USD equivalent for the local currency reporting. In fact, all currency fields in Buzz reporting will also have a corresponding "_usd" field.

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