How to Build a Retargeting or Exclusion Segment for App or CTV Using Postbacks

You may wish to create a segment server-side from a postback. Common use cases in-app are for excluding users who have installed the app, retargeting installed users for in-app events, or encouraging new sessions of lapsed users.  A common use case in desktop is to add users to segments without needing to tag your website.

This postback tag will be the URL of a  Segment Tag with the additional below parameters.  You would replace [USER_ID] with the actual user ID of the respective type being noted in the value of user_id_type parameter.

For segmenting on in-app events, you would need to ensure your postback vendor can also fire additional postbacks to the conversion or event postback fired at the time of the event. Note that it is not necessary to break out the postback tag by the mobile operating system. It is acceptable to use one device ID postback tag, either Android AD_ID or iOS IDFA, to capture all device IDs.

For retargeting best practices, please visit Retargeting Best Practices.

For Android:


For iOS:


For Desktop or Mobile Web (Note: this would require a  cookie sync in place with Beeswax):


For IP addresses:


For example, the original segment URL looks like this:

And the postback URL for segments will look like this (iOS is being used in this example):

If you operate in more than one region (NAM, EMEA, or APAC), you will need to dictate which data center the user should be stored in. You will need to augment the URL to also include the region--otherwise, the user will get stored in the data center closest to the server from which you did the postback. 

Below are examples of how the server-side segment postback should look when dictating the data center:

How to sequentially target or exclude a user who has already seen an ad in an app or CTV environment

A common use-case is to retarget or exclude a user who has already seen your ad. The way to accomplish this in-app or on CTV with Beeswax is as follows:

  1. Create a segment in Beeswax (+New → Segment)
  2. Save & generate the tag
  3. Use a segment postback as described above and add it as a pixel in the creative(s) you are going to serve to users on the initial line item. Add the {{USER_ID}} macro into the value of the USER_ID parameter of the postback*{{USER_ID}}&user_id_type=IDFA
  4. Target the new segment (eg. buzzbuzz-43) on a separate line to retarget or exclude the users who have seen an ad.

*NOTE: For CTV environments, make sure that the user_id field is set to the {{IP_ADDRESS_ESC}} and user_id_type is set to ip_address. See the example below:{{IP_ADDRESS_ESC}}&user_id_type=ip_address
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