How to Build a Segment Server-Side Using Postbacks

You may wish to create a segment server-side from a postback. Common use cases in-app are for excluding users who have installed the app, retargeting installed users for in-app events, or encouraging new sessions of lapsed users.  A common use case in desktop is to add users to segments without needing to tag your website.

This postback tag will be the URL of a  Segment Tag with the additional below parameters.  You would replace [USER_ID] with the actual user ID of the respective type being noted in the value of user_id_type parameter.

For segmenting on in-app events, you would need to ensure your postback vendor can also fire additional postbacks to the conversion or event postback fired at the time of the event.  

For Android:


For iOS:


For Desktop or Mobile Web (Note: this would require a  cookie sync in place with Beeswax):


For example, the original segment URL looks like this:

And the postback URL for segments will look like this (iOS is being used in this example):
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