Multi-sync Tags

Standard Multi-sync Tag

In order to sync with multiple third party data providers/exchanges, Beeswax provides a multi-sync iframe.

For example, the iframe tag and endpoint would look like:

<iframe src="<your_buzz_key>" height=0 width=0 .../>

The tag calls the Beeswax multi-sync endpoint (buyer-initiated sync), which will sync the user with our partners.

When a user encounters the tag for the first time, Beeswax will sync with the 10 partners. When the same user encounters the tag again, it will sync with an additional 10 partners, and so on.

Custom Multi-sync Tag

For customers who want to prioritize certain sync partners and increase match rates on particular data providers/exchanges, Beeswax offers a custom multi-sync tag.

The custom tag is set up the same way on the page as the standard tag. The Beeswax multi-sync endpoint can be configured by your account manager to determine which data partners are synced with, and in what order.*

If you would like to implement multi-sync tags, please contact your Beeswax account manager or support alias.

*Note that custom configurations on your pixel will override default Beeswax sync settings, and any new partners added to Beeswax’s default settings will not be automatically added to your list.

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