Segment Targeting (Targeting 1.0)

Targeting Key Description Recommendation
Segment Segments are typically user segments (cookies, MAIDs, IP addresses), which can either be your 1st party user segments or 3rd party user segments from data providers like BlueKai.

Segments can also be custom values that are added by your Data Augmentor. [LINK: ] Targeting user segments or custom segments added by your augmentor work in the same fashion.

By default, if you target multiple segments by include they will be OR'd together unless there is custom logic for segments like Grapeshot. However, you can force AND statements by using the REQUIRE or writing custom boolean Logic in the advanced targeting section.

Read more about the targeting verbs here: [LINK: ]
User ID User IDs can either be web cookies or mobile device IDs. This field allows you to target those auctions that have a User ID present Use INCLUDE targeting.

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