Bid Performance Report


The Bid Performance Report allows users to see information about their bids and win rates, broken down along similar dimensions used in Performance Report. It allows customers, to answer questions like:

  • What is my win rate for this Line Item / Campaign / Advertiser?
  • How often am I bidding?
  • How did increasing or decreasing my bid price affect my win rates?
Included Metrics:
  • Total Bids
  • Average Bid Price (in CPM)
  • Total Impressions
  • Win Rate (impressions / bids)

Please note that only bids submitted to the exchanges will be counted in the Bid Performance Report.

These metrics can be aggregated across most dimensions in other reports e.g. at the advertiser, campaign, line item and creative levels.


Hour HH:00
Month Month Name
Broadcast Month Broadcast months start on a Monday and end on the last Sunday of the calendar month. The next broadcast month starts at midnight on the Monday that follows.
Advertiser ID Beeswax Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name Beeswax Advertiser Name
Campaign ID Beeswax Campaign ID
Campaign Name Beeswax Campaign Name
Line Item ID Beeswax Line Item ID
Line Item Name Beeswax Line Item Name
Creative ID Beeswax Creative ID
Creative Name Beeswax Creative Name
Campaign Alternative ID Customer Campaign ID (Alternative ID field in Buzz)
Line Item Alternative ID
Customer Line Item ID
Advertiser Alternative ID
Customer Advertiser ID
Inventory Source ID The full list of inventory sources available can be found here for desktop and here for mobile
Placement Type Placement type of the impression (banner, video, banner and video, native, unknown)
Bid Modifier ID Beeswax Bid Modifier ID
Bid Modifier Name Beeswax Bid Modifier Name
Data Center Data Center Utilized
Ads_text Code Ads_text Response
Account ID Account ID of Buzz key
Seat ID Seat ID
Flight Name Beeswax Flight Name
Flight ID Beeswax Flight ID


Average Bid Price Average bid price in CPM
Bids Number of bids submitted to exchange(s)
Impressions Number of impressions counted
Win rate Expressed as a percentage (Number of Impressions/Number of Bids)
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