How To Create Bid Modifiers

Bid Modifiers allow advertiser to run sophisticated bidding strategies within a line item. Bid Modifiers can be created separately and then associated with line items, or directly in the line item workflow. Bid Modifiers can also be created or associated with campaigns, in which case they are used as the default for all line items within the campaign.

Create a Bid Modifier

  1. Navigate to the Trafficking > Modifiers.
  2. Select New Modifier > New Bid Modifier.
  3. In the Name field, enter a Bid Modifier's Name
  4. Select an advertiser for the Bid Modifier will be associated with. To create an Account Level Modifier, do not select an advertiser from the dropdown.
  5. Click on Add Bid Modifier Terms to select the targeting object the Bid Modifier will affect and insert the modifier value. The maximum value for a modifier is 100. 
  6. For example, to set up a bid modifier that bids 2x the base bid on users in New York:
    Select City under Geo, enter New York in the Search City field, and then enter 2 in Set all terms with multiplier field (modifier value).Select Done to add the bid modifier. 
  7. Select Save Bid Modifier
  8. Navigate to the line item the Bid Modifier will be applied to.
  9. Toggle to the Optimization tab at the top page.
  10. Select Choose Existing and then select a Bid Modifier from the drop down.
  11. Set a Max Bid to ensure the line item never bids above a certain CPM.
    1. If a particular bid request falls in multiple Bid Modifier statements of different key types, the modifiers will have a duplicative effect. For example, if an advertiser has a modifier of 2 for geo New York, NY and 2 for iOS, a bid request for NY and iOS will have a modifier of 4 (2x2). A max bid creates a ceiling for this duplicative effect.
    2. If a particular bid request falls in multiple Bid Modifier statements of the same key (for example: 2 different IAB categories) the highest Bid Modifier will be used
  12. Set a Min Bid to prevent very large or small bid adjustments. The Min Bid is an optional field and act as a floor for bids adjusted by the Modifier.
    Min Bid must be greater than zero and less than max bid. 
  13. Select Save Bid Modifier.

Create a Bid Modifier within a Line Item

  1. Navigate to the line item the Bid Modifier will be applied to.
  2. Navigate to the Modifiers tab.
  3. Select Create New under Bid Modifier.
  4. Follow steps 3-7 from Create a Bid Modifier section above. 

Create a Bid Modifier within a Campaign

  1. Navigate to the campaign the Bid Modifier will be applied to.
  2. In the Campaign Overview page, scroll down to the Bid Modifier section. 
  3. Select a Bid Modifier from the drop down.
  4. Set the Max (Required) and Min (Optional) Bid. Follow steps 11 & 12  from the “Create a Bid Modifier” instructions above. 

  5. Select the appropriate Save option. 

When Bid Modifiers are set at the campaign level, all line items (with no bid modifiers set) will inherit these modifiers. However, bid modifiers set at line item level will override campaign level bid modifiers.

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