Line Item Flights

Line item flights allow for granular control over the timing of line item delivery. Flights can strictly control delivery time frames, and can each have their own budget. The budget type is inherited from the Line Item and total budget of all flights cannot exceed the Line Item’s budget.

To create a Line Item Flight:

  1. Open the line item the flight will be applied to, and select ‘yes’ on the the ‘use flights’ toggle, located in the line item overview tab:

2. Once “yes” is selected, a new “flights” tab will appear between the “overview” and “targeting” tabs

3. If selecting a Bidding Strategy with Pacing, you have the option to pace using flights. Simply select Pacing > Flight for your budget to pace based on the flights inputted in the new "flights" tab.  

4. Enter the Flight Name (optional)

5. Enter a start date (required) and end date (optional)

6. Enter a budget (optional)

7. Select “+ Add Flight”

8. Select “Save & Continue” and continue to fill out the line item targeting

Rules for Flights

Line Item Flights are validated to assure that both the time intervals and budgets make logical sense:

  • Two flights within the same Line Item cannot have overlapping date ranges
  • Only one flight can omit the end_date field
  • Flights cannot start before the Line Item start_date
  • Flights cannot end after the Line Item end_date
  • The total budget of all flights cannot exceed the budget of the Line Item

Flight ID and Flight Name are available fields in the Performance Report

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