Post-bid Viewability Measurement - Video

Beeswax has three creative templates enabled for MOAT video viewability tracking:

Capabilities of each template outlined below. Current prices for usage will exist in the Beeswax user interface:

Creative Template Support In-App Viewability? Support Web Viewability? How to Implement
VAST 2.0 Inline YES YES Select “MOAT Web Viewability” and/or “MOAT In-App Viewability” under creative attributes
VAST 2.0 Wrapper YES NO Select “MOAT in-app viewability” under creative attributes
VAST 2.0 Wrapper with MOAT Viewability NO YES No additional action needed when using this template

*Please reach out to Beeswax support if any of these features are not yet enabled for your buzz key.

Capabilities of each environment outlined below:

Environment Where it measures MOAT metrics Reporting Support
Web Any VPAID environment Query tool reporting, Including raw logs
In-App Only in Apps that have MOAT SDK or OMID (OMSDK) MOAT Dashboard reporting only

Please contact your account manager for additional information about MOAT SDK enabled inventory and for access to the MOAT Dashboard.  You must be an existing MOAT customer in order for Beeswax/MOAT to share a tile with you for reporting. Beeswax does not receive data from MOAT for in-app video viewability metrics to include in our query tool reporting or log-level data.

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