UI Filters

UI filters are used to create and save filters for objects in the Buzz interface, which can help cut through clutter when there are many items in a given object’s view.

On columns with static values (such as "Active" vs. "Inactive"), you may filter for a value by selecting a radio button. On columns with text or numeric values (such as object names/IDs), you may filter for a value by entering it into the text box.

Note that for numeric values, you may filter using comparison operators (">", "<", "<=", or ">=").

Use cases might include:

  • Filtering for active line items in a campaign without deleting the inactive ones
  • Filtering out inactive segments, since segments cannot be deleted (only made inactive)
  • Filtering for campaigns with a remaining budget greater than zero

To create a filter, click the caret icon next to the title of a column:

If you'd like to have your filter persist across login sessions, click the "Save Filters" button in the upper-right (or "Clear Filters" if you'd like to remove it):

Note that filters are saved at the user level—if you are using shared credentials, others who use your account will have these filters applied as well.

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