Latitude and Longitude Radius Targeting

    Geo radius targeting allows you to define your own geographical areas for targeting purposes. For example, you may want to target any user that is within 0.5 Kilometers of a given store’s location with a mobile coupon.

    This feature extends Beeswax’s geo targeting capabilities to move beyond the standard geographies (i.e. state, city, zip code, DMA, and so on) and allows you to define your own geo radii to target.  This feature is native to the platform and carries no additional CPM charge.

    Adding Lat/Long List for Targeting

    1.Create a new list of type Lat/Long List.

    2. On the List Items page, set the default radius for each list item. Each individual list items can have their own custom radius. Any list item without a radius specified will inherit the default radius set at the List level

      • Minimum radius users can set: 0.001 Kilometers
      • Maximum radius users can set: 50 Kilometers

    3. Add List Items to your list. List items can be added in a few ways:

    • Type the address in the Find Location field. Once you find the location, click on Add List Item to add the location to your list. If there are multiple pins displayed on the map (say if you search for “NYC Subway Station”) you can click on the pin you are interested in and then click Add List Item.

    • Clicking on Add List Item without typing an address in the Find Location field will give you an empty List Item table where you can specify Latitude, Longitude, Radius (km), Value and List Item Name. Like any other list item, value can be used as a bid modifier. Note: The list item name field is also available on all types of list items and can be used as an identifier for your list item (e.g. “New York Public Library” can be a list item name if you inserted the latitude/longitude of the New York Public Library).

    • Upload a CSV, TXT, or Excel file. The order of the columns are the same as they appear in the UI (Latitude, Longitude, Radius (km), Value and List Item Name). Each file type requires slightly different formatting--the details of which you can find here.
      Note: Beeswax validates that no exact duplicate list items exist within a single list. A duplicate Lat/Long List Item would only occur if the latitude, longitude, and radius are exactly the same, including the decimal points.

    4. Click the appropriate Save option to continue. 

Editing List items

Once a list item is saved, you can only edit the Value or the List Item Name. If you need to edit the Latitude, Longitude and/or Radius, you should delete the list item and create a new one.

Targeting Geo

Navigate to Targeting > Geo page, to include your Lat/Long List from the Lat. & Long. List dropdown:

Best Practices

Note: Please follow these best practices to ensure your created lists operate successfully within your targeting.

  • Delete lists that are no longer in use
  • Limit overlap between lists
  • Lists should not exceed 100K items

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