How to create a new Beeswax user

If you are an Admin of a Buzz key, or have User creation rights, you will be able to create new users for the Beeswax UI and API.

In order to create a user:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Users from the Nav Bar at the top:
  2. This will bring you to the Users page. Click on +New -> User to bring up the ‘Create New User’ dialog.
  3. Fill in all the relevant fields (required fields marked with a red asterisk):
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
    4. Role
      1. A user’s role is a separate template which governs which actions they can or can not take.
      2. There are preset default roles which come with your Buzz key (e.g. Administrator, Trafficker, Reporting), but you can also create custom roles that enable you to tailor account access for each of your customers, giving you full control over what objects each user can read, create, edit and delete within their account.
      3. Roles can be accessed under Admin -> Roles, or created under +New -> Role. Permissions for the role can then be selected via the below table:
      4. Access to reports, and the fields available within each report, can also be tailored to each user role. 
      5. In addition, field names can be customised as shown in the below screenshot:
    5. Alternative ID
      1. Alternative ID can be set to a value of your choice - or can be left blank if not relevant.
      2. It can be useful for custom integrations, such as if you are using Beeswax in conjunction with your own proprietary UI (which has existing User IDs)
    6. Notes
      1. Any additional notes you want to leave for a user (e.g. referencing their organisation / level of access etc.)
    7. Multi-account
      1. This governs whether the User has access to multiple accounts on the Buzz key, if more than one have been created.
    8. Active
      1. Determines whether the User is set to active (Super Users only). For normal users this will not be an option, and the new User will need to Verify their Email via a login token which will automatically activate their user.
  4. Submit the new user settings.

An email will then be sent to the email address you have provided in the Email field, and the recipient will be asked to verify their email and define a password for use with the platform. Once they have done this, their account will activate and they will be able to log into the platform with their email and password combination.

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