Targeting Open & Private Market using Passthrough Deal IDs

Passthrough Deal ID lists allow users to target both open marketplace and private marketplace inventory on the same line item, which can simplify trafficking for customers who do not have a specific budget goal to hit for private marketplace deals, but would still like to spend some budget on them. If using a passthrough deal ID list, the line item will bid when either:

a) the line item targeting matches AND the deal IDs are present on the auction

b) the line item targeting matches AND the deal IDs are NOT present on the auction

Passthrough deal IDs are set up at the account level and will be applied to ALL line items in that given account.

To set up passthrough deal IDs:

  1. Create a deal ID list with the desired deal IDs. Steps on how to create a deal ID list can be found here
  2. Select the account* you’d like to apply the passthrough deal list to by navigating to  ‘Admin’ > ‘Accounts’. Select the pencil icon to the right of the account name/ID to open the Edit Account screen.

*Please note that editing of accounts can only be done by users with both administrator and multi-account access. For more information please contact Beeswax Support.

3. Select the passthrough deal lists you’d like to apply from the dropdown in the ‘passthrough deal lists’ field. All deal ID lists associated with this account will appear in the dropdown:

4. Select ‘Save & Close’

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