Domain Targeting

Domain targeting is accomplished by creating a List of domains in Buzz.  You may want to INCLUDE a domain list or EXCLUDE a domain list. Even if you want to target a single domain, you will need to create a list of one domain. 

You can use a wildcard to catch all subdomains without adding each in manually. For example, "*" will match "", "", etc. 

We automatically match the common subdomain "www" even without adding the *, so if you include "" in a EXCLUDE list, you will automatically exclude "" as well.

You can also match top level and second level domains for either inclusion or exclusion. For example, "*.org" will match any ".org" site, and "*" will match any "" site.

To create a domain list, following these steps

  1. Click on the +New button and select “List” from the dropdown
  2. Select “Domain List” from the List Type dropdown
  3. Give your List a name and click “Save & Continue”
  4. Either enter your domains in the “Add New List Items” field OR upload a .txt of your domains OR upload a .csv file of domains (one per row)
    1. If entering domains in the “Add New List Items” field enter one domain per row
    2. If uploading a bulk file it must be a .txt file with one domain per row

Your domain list file must be either UTF-8 (without BOM - byte-order marks) or ASCII encoded.

Once you create your List, you will see it appear in the Domain targeting section on the Line Item level. You can then INCLUDE or EXCLUDE your list from this screen.

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