Grapeshot & Moat Pre-Bid Targeting

Grapeshot is a third-party provider of contextual targeting data and allows you to target pages or apps based on language and keywords. Grapeshot segments are created by crawling web pages/apps and extracting keywords for context or language, and combining the pages to create a segment. It is worth noting that contextual targeting is a privacy-friendly option for targeting and does not require cookies or any user data and is not affected by GDPR.

There are four types of Grapeshot data segments offered through Beeswax:

Type Definition CPM
Standard Contextual Targets pages/apps with relevant content/keywords. $0.25
Language Contextual Targets pages/apps in the desired language. $0.03
Brand Safety Targets pages/apps determined brand safe. $0.03
Predicts Predicts uses live data from the pages being accessed by millions of web users to analyze where people are going on the internet and which topics and keywords are trending in real time. $0.60
Custom Custom segments allow you to define lists of keywords to include/exclude target outside of the set grapeshot taxonomy. Please reach out to Beeswax Support to learn more. $0.25

All Grapeshot segments include web, in-app, display and video inventory. If more than one Grapeshot segment is targeted, the highest CPM is charged.

Note, while Grapeshot offers a "Brand Safety" segment, they also offer segments like "Adult" in Contextual targeting, which can be excluded for a similar result.

Pre-Bid by MOAT

Beeswax also has access to Pre-Bid by Moat segments. This includes the segments below:

Type Definition CPM
MRC Viewability Targets content which has historically met a specific viewability threshold (i.e. "at least 80% viewable) based on the MRC viewability $0.12/$0.20
GroupM Viewability Targets content which has historically met a specific viewability threshold (i.e. "at least 80% viewable) based on the GroupM viewability $0.12/$0.20
Invalid Traffic (IVT) Targets content which is deemed low risk, or exclude content which is deemed high risk $0.03

Implementing Grapeshot Segments

To enable Grapeshot for your account, please reach out to Beeswax Support.

To apply Grapeshot segment targeting to a line item, select segments from the ‘Grapeshot’ section under segment targeting. 

By default, Custom, Standard and Language Contextual segments use the INCLUDE verb, and the Brand Safety segments use the EXCLUDE verb. For Custom segments, exclusion of keywords must be enabled in the Grapeshot UI as part of the custom segment before sharing with Beeswax.

If you want to use AND/REQUIRE logic with additional audience segments, please use boolean logic via Advanced Segment Targeting.

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