Ensuring Exclusive Access to Supply via wseat

`wseat` is an optional OpenRTB bid request attribute that affords inventory sellers the ability to selectively offer their supply to specific buyers.

In the `wseat` attribute, sellers have the option to declare eligible seat IDs for a given programmatic auction. `wseat` enables eligible demand to transact on and win impressions for a given RTB auction. With `wseat` the programmatic seller can reduce the inefficiencies of blocked programmatic demand and eliminate bid responses ineligible for an impression.

Within Beeswax, a buyer’s use case for wseat include:

  • Media firms that buy their own exclusive supply and do not want other buyers bidding on it
  • Ensuring that bidding on programmatic guaranteed supply is restricted to only the appropriate buyer

If you are working with an inventory seller for exclusive supply where `wseat` is required, please contact Beeswax Support to ensure your Beeswax account is configured with the proper SSP-specific seat ID.


A Beeswax buyer strikes a deal with a publisher who sells their supply programmatically but only to a subset of DSP demand. The publisher has a requirement that no ineligible buyer should bid on the deal. The publisher can reference the Beeswax buyer’s SSP seat ID within the `wseat` RTB attribute, which effectively removes unknown buyers from the pool of eligible DSP demand.

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