Bid Model and Delivery Model FAQs

Bid Models

Q: Where can I see which fields are supported in Bid Models/Modifiers?

A: Please reference this Github link

Q: What does my buzz bid model upload status mean?
A: The 5 statuses are:

  • Pending: The ‘PENDING’ status populates when a bid model is first uploaded and means the bid model version is being validated and prepared to receive traffic.
  • Available: The ‘AVAILABLE’ status means the bid model version has been validated and can receive traffic, although that version is not currently in use.
  • New: The ‘NEW’ status means the version has been created but not yet validated or loaded for serving.
  • Live: The ‘LIVE’ status means the version is currently loaded and serving/ready to serve.
  • Failed: The ‘FAILED’ upload status indicates there was an issue with the bid model upload; in the bid model view, there will be a red caret icon, which can be selected to expand the error.

The upload status errors can be found here.

Q: The status field says my bid model is live, how do I know it’s working?
A: One option to check if bid models are working is to use the “real time bidding stats” graph in the line item overview view. This graph does not tell you exactly what you are bidding in every auction, but if your default bid is very low (i.e. $0.01) and that’s all the line item is bidding (or not bidding at all), then it is likely the bid model is not working well. In this case, please make sure your prediction values are in a reasonable range of CPM/bid multiplier.

Checking on grafana chart status **

Q: Will my line item bid on all inventory targeted with the standard bid set in the overview tab of a line item, or only bid traffic that matches my bid model combinations?
A: The line item will still bid on traffic not in the specific bid model combinations; the bid for matching traffic will be selected in the below order:

  • We will attempt to get the bid from the bid model based on the data combinations
  • If the bid request matches one of the combinations, and the returned value is less than/equal to the max bid we will use that bid
  • If the bid request matches one of the combinations, and the returned value is greater than the max bid, we will use the max bid
  • If the bid request does not match one of the combinations but does match line item targeting, we will use the default for the strategy

To avoid spending on traffic not in the bid model, we recommend setting a base bid on the overview screen of $0.

Q: Can I use a wildcard to match "any" value in a bid model?
A: Yes, Bid Models supports wildcards.  To use wildcards, you will need to make the following changes to your model:

  • In your manifest file, you must specify the fields that contain wildcards (up to three fields).  An example manifest file can be seen here.
  • In your prediction files, enter an asterisk (*) in any cell you would like to match to any value on the bid request.

If multiple rows in the Bid Model match, the row with the fewest wildcards will be used.  If multiple rows with the same number of wildcards match, the first will be used.

Q: How does my bid model interact with bid modifiers?
A: The output of your bid model will be multiplied against the output of the bid modifiers.

Q: Can bid models uploaded to a regional AWS bucket be utilized globally?
A: Yes, when a bid model is uploaded Beeswax will replicate that bid model data and load into every region where the customer has a bidder active.

Delivery Models

Q: Where can I see which fields are supported in Delivery Models/Modifiers?

A: Please reference this Github link

Q: Is there a fee to use Delivery Models?
A: No, Delivery models is a free feature.

Q: Can I use Delivery Models with my own bidding agent?

A: Yes! But you must enable pacing on your custom bidding strategy. If you don’t have pacing enabled as an option on a custom bidding strategy, please reach out to your account team to get it set up.

Q: Can I use Delivery Models and Bid Models on the same line item?
A: Yes, you can use both! Use a Delivery Model to control your delivery and a Bid Model to control your bid price.

Q: Can I use Delivery Models and Delivery Modifier terms on the same line item?
A: No, you can use one or the other.

Q: Will raw logs or reporting show any details on delivery models? 
A: Yes, the model_params field will be populated for delivery models in the same way they are delivered for bid models. Namely, it will contain the cache results for the Delivery Model lookup.This can be used for debugging. The format is{key}={value},{key}={value}..

Q: How large can a delivery model/modifier term be?
A: We currently limit to 100 rows in a delivery model and 100 terms in a delivery modifier.

Q: What happens if I upload a model with more than 100 rows?
A: You will receive an error on the manifest upload page that notifies you that the delivery model file is too large. Also we only allow a single file upload for Delivery Models.

Q: Are delivery models a replacement for pacing?
A: No, Delivery Models can be thought of as an enhancement to pacing by giving customers the control over what inventory is included in delivery while adhering to pacing and delivery goals.

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