Beeswax offers multi-account functionality, which enables a single Buzz instance to support multiple business entities without any overlap of data. All objects are contained within the account they are created in, however certain objects can be shared across accounts by multi-account users.  

User permissions enable you to create separate account access for each of your customers, giving them full control over the UI and reporting for their specified account. All actions within Buzz are restricted to the scope of the account in which the requesting user exists.

The diagram below shows the relationship between Buzz keys, accounts, users, roles & permissions:

Multi-Account Permissions

Only multi-account users have permission to create and access multi-accounts - please contact your Beeswax representative to enable you as a multi-account user.

Multi-Account Users can:

  1. Create and edit Accounts
  2. Masquerade (authenticate) into other Accounts
  3. Create, view, edit and delete objects in Accounts other than the one in which they belong
  4. Share objects between accounts
  5. Create new Multi-Account Users
  6. Pull reports across Accounts

Creating New Accounts

Documentation on how to create new accounts via the API can be found here. To create an account in the UI, follow the below steps:

  1. In Buzz UI select Admin > Accounts > +New > Account
  2. Enter a name for the new Account and save

Authenticating into other Accounts

  1. Select the 'User' drop down on the top right hand side of the page and then 'User Masquerade'.
  2. This will take you to a login screen where a drop down will show all accounts set up for your buzzkey.

Creating new Multi-Account Users

When creating a new user, you can enable them to have multi-account permissions via the 'multi_account' setting. Documentation on how to create new multi-account users via the API can be found here. To create a new multi-account user in the UI, ensure that you have the following setting selected:

You can find more information on how to create a new Buzz user here.

Sharing Objects across Accounts

Segments and segment categories (and the corresponding segments underneath them) may be shared between accounts within the same Buzz instance. Sharing these objects between accounts can be done via the API only.  For more info on the API calls required, please see and


While users within a single account may only see reporting data from their own account, multi-account enabled users may pull the "performance report" across all accounts within their Buzz instance. From the UI, when a Multi-Account user accesses Report Builder they will now see a new “required” field for an Account ID Filter (this is distinct from the Account ID field). This filter can be set to a numeric account_id or the special term "any" which will allow querying across accounts (note, you will also likely wish to add the account_id as a field in the query definition)

By default, as seen above, this filter is set to the Current Account the user is masqueraded into. However, they can also select all the Permissioned Account IDs (in this case all Account IDs or Account IDs > 0). They can also change the logical “operation” to something like “is equal to” and select only a subset of Account IDs:

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