How to Enable Appsflyer Audience Segments in Beeswax

Customers who use AppsFlyer may wish to load their audience segments from Appsflyer to Beeswax. This might be for any of the following use cases:

  • Suppressing your existing installed user base
  • Reactivating lapsed users
  • Targeting high value users with specific offers of incentives

To take advantage of this integration:

  1. Create a new user role for a ‘Segment Upload’ user
    1. Go to Admin -> Roles -> +New Role
    2. Select “Reporting” as a parent role
    3. Allow permissions for Create, Read and Update for both `segment` and `segment_upload` objects
    4. Click “Hidden” for each of the reports
  2. Create a new user for Appsflyer which is registered to one of your companies internal email addresses. Ensure this user has the role you created in step 1.
    1. For example
  3. Raise a ticket with Beeswax Support to enable permissions for Appsflyer Audiences in your account.
  4. When Beeswax Support has confirmed this is enabled, follow the instructions on the Appsflyer help to set up the user in Appsflyer: The email address and password should be that of the account that you have newly created.
  5. Follow the instructions on the Appsflyer help to define audiences which can then be pushed into the selected account within Beeswax. Note, this sync happens once per 24 hours.
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