To reduce the time spent on manual processes when trafficking, a trader can utilize presets. With presets, a trader can cut down the amount of time required to fill in fields that remain the same across multiple Campaigns or Line Items.

Create a Preset

In order to create a preset, the workflow is as follows:

1. Create a Preset by navigating to the Admin drop-down (Note: Presets will need to be set up in each individual account if you are using Buzz Multi-Account)

OR Create a Preset Object using the Create button.

3. Once you select the Preset type, you will be directed to the object's Preset page. If some fields are not visible in the Preset page, those settings are not eligible to be set via Buzz Presets


  • Advertiser (optional) - if you leave the Advertiser field blank, the Preset you create can be used across any Campaign or Line Item underneath any Advertiser on the Account. Alternatively, if you choose to select an Advertiser, then the Preset will only be eligible for use on Campaigns or Line Items under the Advertiser you selected.
  • Alternative ID - filling in this field applies an Alternative ID to the Preset Object you are creating. It is not used for applying Alternative IDs to the Campaigns and Line Items using the Preset.
  • Notes - similar to the Alternative ID, notes are applied to the Preset Object and not objects adopting the Preset.

Apply Presets to your Campaigns and Line Items

You have a few options when it comes to utilizing the presets you have created. These options are the following, which will be explained in further depth:

  1. Setting ‘Default Preset’ Line Item and/or Campaign at Advertiser level.
  2. Applying an existing Preset when creating or editing a Campaign.
  3. Setting a Line Item Preset at Campaign level.
  4. Applying an existing Preset when creating or editing a Line Item.

Setting ‘Default Preset’ at Advertiser level

On the Edit Advertiser pane, select your Preset:

All Campaigns under the Advertiser will inherit the chosen Campaign Preset by default. Similarly, all Line Items will inherit the chosen Line Item Preset by default. 
Line Item Presets that are set at Campaign-level or are applied directly to the object (when creating or editing a campaign or line item), will override the default Line Item Preset set at Advertiser level.

Applying an Existing Preset when Creating or Editing Campaign

From the Campaign > Overview page, you can select a preset from the Set Campaign Preset dropdown.

Presets can be applied to existing Campaigns to inherit the values configured in the Preset. This will override any values which have been defined when creating the Campaign manually.

Setting a Line Item Preset at Campaign Level

From the Line Item > Overview page, you can select a preset from Use Line Item Preset dropdown.

In the Campaign > Overview page, selecting a Line Item Preset will default line item preset to be used within that campaign, which can be very helpful when your Campaigns contain a high number of line items. If a Line Item Preset is selected, all new Line will inherit the Preset configuration

Applying an existing Preset when creating or editing a Line Item.

If Line Items within a Campaign need to be configured differently, you can directly specify which Preset they should utilize. You can do this by selecting a preset from Use Line Item Preset dropdown.

Applying Preset when Editing Campaign or Line Item 

While the main use case of Preset is to apply field values when creating new objects, as mentioned you can apply these on existing objects as well. When applying Presets on edit, the most important being that all values will be overwritten by what is configured in the Preset. You must remember that when you apply Preset while editing an object (Campaign or Line item), all existing values will be overwritten by Preset configured values. With this in mind, any empty value in the Preset will delete current values existing in Campaign or Line Item. For example:

Preset Value for “Daily Budget” field  Current Value for “Daily Budget” field  Resulting Value of “Daily Budget” after Preset is Applied
$100 $200 $100
(blank) $100 (blank)
$100 (blank) $100 

Targeting Presets

Learn more about Targeting Presets here.


Q: What fields can not be set on a Preset?
A: Values such as:

  •  Targeting Templates
  • Vendors
  • Creative Associations
  • Flights 
  • Bid Modifier Keys (you can specify a bid modifier object and a max bid) 

Q: Can I use this feature through the API?
A: Not currently. This feature is a UI only feature.

Q: Can I set presets for the object name, notes or alternative_id fields? 
A: No, these fields refer to the Preset itself, not the object to which it is applied.

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