Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic Guaranteed is a deal type where publishers and buyers transact a pre-agreed volume of impressions via OpenRTB. The publisher commits to making the agreed volume of inventory available via their preferred SSP/exchange and the buyer commits to responding to all bid requests received at the negotiated CPM.

Unlike typical deals, the exchange expects a buyer to respond to all bid requests for the agreed deal. When setting up a PG campaign in Beeswax, the following setup needs to be adhered to:

  • You must notify your Customer Success Manager that you are planning to run with a Programmatic Guaranteed deal and on what exchange it is occurring. This should happen no less than 3 days before the deal’s start date.
  • The line item budget and CPM need to match the parameters of the deal agreed with the publisher.
  • Only the deal ID should be added to the line-item targeting; no other targeting should be applied. You can only have one deal ID per line item.
  • The bidding strategy has to be set to ‘Flat CPM Bidding’.
  • No pacing, bid shading, or frequency caps should be applied.
  • Line item must have all the creative sizes that are part of the deal.
  • You must confirm with Beeswax that your bidder is listening to all traffic from the given deal ID.
  • You must allow your Customer Success Manager to confirm the proper setup of the line.

Beeswax supports Programmatic Guaranteed on an exchange basis, details of which can be found below.

Rubicon Project: Programmatic Guaranteed is fully supported across Rubicon Project. Rubicon Project has a deal portal where buyers can discover and negotiate PG deals. 

Telaria: Programmatic Guaranteed is fully supported across Telaria. 

Google: Beeswax is in an Open Beta phase with Google. Google has additional requirements, so please contact your Beeswax Customer Success Manager for more details if you would like to run on a Programmatic Guaranteed deal on Google.

Please contact your Beeswax representative if you’d like to run Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns across exchanges not listed here.

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