Creative Add-Ons

Creative Add-Ons allow for trafficking teams to upload 3rd party javascript URLs and impression tracking pixels for association with banner and video creatives within Beeswax. Creative Add-Ons can be associated with multiple creatives and are able to be included by default for all new creatives. Creative Add-Ons are associated via point and click selection rather than the copy-paste creative trafficking workflow. Common use-cases include viewability and verification vendors as well as impression trackers.

To create a Creative Add-On:

  • Select "+New" button > "Creative Add-Ons"
  • Enter the Creative Add-On name
  • Select the Creative Type for the Creative Add-On (banner or video)
  • Select the Creative Add-On Type (pixel or script)
  • Input the javascript or tracking pixel URL
  • Configure whether the Creative Add-On should be included by default for all new creatives in Beeswax
  • Configure the Creative Add-On URL as secure or non-secure
  • Configure the Creative Add-On as active or inactive
  • Select "Submit" to save and close the new Creative Add-On
  • optional: Specify the Advertiser that the Creative Add-On will be associated with; if no Advertiser is specified the Creative AddOn will default as an Account Level Creative Add-On.
  • optional: Associate the Creative Add-On with a Vendor
  • optional: Associate a CPM cost with the Creative Add-On, most vendors charge a billable fee for use of their Creative Add-Ons.

To associate Creative Add-Ons with Beeswax Creatives:

  • Navigate to the "Edit Creative" screen and expand the "Pixels and Scripts" section
  • Select the "Creative Add-Ons" field and associate the Creative Add-On via drop-down menu
  • Save and Close the updated Creative

screenshot of the Creative Add-Ons drop-down within the "Edit Creative" modal


Q: Should I configure all of my creative Add-Ons as include by default?

A: Each client use-case and tracking configuration will be unique. Please note that the Include by Default configuration will apply to all eligible creatives and may have billable and tracking implications within your external systems and tracking platforms.

Q: Can Creative Add-Ons be assigned for all attributes within my Beeswax creative?

A: Creative Add-Ons can only be assigned as 3rd Party Impression Pixels or 3rd Party Javascript.

Q: Can Creative Add-Ons be used with VAST events?

A: Not at current. We are considering this as a future enhancement.

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