Mobile App Targeting (Targeting 1.0)

This article is relevant only to customers on Targeting 1.0. For Targeting 2.0, please find the relevant article here.

Targeting Key Description Recommendation
App ID List An app ID is an exchange-specific unique ID, prefixed with the exchange code. For example, on MoPub: mp/12345 Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.
App Bundle List App bundles are consistent across exchanges. For iOS, they are typically the numeric ID of the app in the app store. For Android, they are typically  strings representing the name of the app such as Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.
App Name The app name is a string description of the app - this is often blank or not provided by the exchange. Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting. 

To create an App ID or App Bundle list follow these steps:

  1. Click on the +New button and select “List” from the dropdown
  2. Select “App ID List” from the List Type dropdown
  3. Give your List a name and click “Save & Continue”
  4. Add your App IDs in the “Add New List Items” field (one per row) OR upload a .txt file of App IDs (also one per row) OR upload a .csv file of App IDs/bundles (also one per row)

Once you create your List, you will see it appear in the App ID List targeting section on the Line Item level. You can then INCLUDE or EXCLUDE target your list from this screen.

You can target more than one list on the Line Item level, we apply OR logic across the different lists. 

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