Grapeshot Custom Segments

Grapeshot offers the ability to create “custom” keyword segments, allowing you to include / exclude inventory based on sets of keywords that are more specific than the general category segments they offer by default.

Example use cases might include:

  • An airline advertising special rates to Orlando would like to target pages containing keywords like “disney,” “orlando,” or “universal studios.”
  • A luxury clothing brand would like to target fashion-related content using keywords like “fashion week,” “prada,” or “luxury.”
  • An automotive brand would like to avoid displaying ads next to content discussing car accidents, by excluding keywords like “car accident,” “fender bender,” or “pileup.”


  1. Reach out to to request that we enable Grapeshot custom segments for you - please include the list of email addresses you’d like to grant access to the Grapeshot UI.
  2. We’ll complete the necessary configuration, and will reach out to Grapeshot who will grant you access to their UI (also known as a Grapeshot ‘Zone’) to create and edit custom segments.
  3. You can then go into the Grapeshot UI and create your custom segment(s). Note: Segment name must begin with lower case letter. 
    Once you’ve created and published your custom segment(s), reach out to with the name(s) of the newly created segment(s). We’ll surface them within the platform and share them with your account.
  4. Repeat step 3 anytime you create new Grapeshot custom segments moving forward.


Is there a contact I can reach out to for Grapeshot-related questions?

How much do Grapeshot custom segments cost?

  • Custom Grapeshot segments carry a CPM charge--you can find the CPM for the segment in question in the Buzz UI.

Do custom segments work on in-app inventory?

  • Only in a very limited capacity - it is not recommended to use Grapeshot custom segments for in-app campaigns.

Why am I not able to choose between “include” or "exclude" targeting within the Beeswax UI for custom Grapeshot segments?

  • Depending on the type of custom segment, we will enforce a different targeting verb. The "exclude" verb will be enforced for all negative brand safety custom Grapeshot segments; segments that have a "neg_" prefix. For all other custom Grapeshot segments, including positive brand safety segments that have a "pos_" prefix, we will enforce the "include" verb. We enforce exclude or include targeting on these segments to ensure any logic configured within the Grapeshot platform is honored (users can set “standard,” “avoid,” or “required” on individual keywords within a segment).

I need to use different targeting logic to the hardcoded verb for my custom Grapeshot segment - how can I do this?

  • You can use advanced targeting for this. Note that when you exclude a Grapeshot segment, you’ll serve on inventory that Grapeshot has not been evaluated, and thus may contain the keywords you’re attempting to exclude (whereas include targeting a Grapeshot segment with keywords set to “avoid” ensures that you’re only serving on inventory they’re certain do not contain these keywords).

How long should I wait before using the segments?

  • You can begin targeting the segment right away. Initial delivery may be low, however you will notice delivery ramping up over the course of 24 hours.
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