LiveRamp RampID Bidding and Segment Targeting

RampID™ Bidding and Segment Targeting

Beeswax is now able to bid natively on auctions using LiveRamp’s RampID without the need for synced cookies. This represents a powerful new feature for our customers using LiveRamp to onboard first- and third-party (DataStore) data.

LiveRamp maintains an identity graph called RampID which links cookies, mobile device IDs and Connected TV IDs to anonymous PII-based deterministic identifiers for individuals and households. When Beeswax detects that the RampID is present in a bid request and a LiveRamp segment is being used, we will automatically match on the RampID instead of attempting to match on cookies. When an RampID is not present on a bid request, for campaigns targeting LiveRamp segments, Beeswax will use the RampID graph to target all the cookie, device IDs, and CTV IDs connected to the same RampID.

Beeswax will use the RampID identifier in conjunction with existing types of IDs used for identity and will give customers a number of benefits when using their LiveRamp 1st and 3rd party data segments:

  • Improved match rates on LiveRamp audiences. This improvement will be seen across both exchanges that are actively using RampID as well as those that are not.
  • Improved Connected TV Targeting and Capabilities on exchanges supporting RampID. 1st and 3rd party segments can be matched to Connected TV requests using the RampID in the bid request and well as to CTV IDs if the RampID is not in the bid request.
  • If you have a direct relationship with LiveRamp, you may also be able to do CTV attribution based on the RampID.


Q: What do I need to do to enable RampID delivery?
A: Nothing. Beeswax has been working behind the scenes to enable this for customers by default.

Q: How much does RampID bidding cost?
A: There is no added cost on the Beeswax end. However, you will still need to pay LiveRamp DMP fees as usual for any DataStore or Onboarding usage.

Q. Does this work outside the US?
A. Yes but selectively. LiveRamp is not active in all European (EMEA) or LATAM markets, we will expand into additional countries as LiveRamp expands their footprint.

For 1st-Party segments, in EMEA it is available in: 

  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • France (FR)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Belgium (BE)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Romania (RO)
  • Poland (PL)

For 1st-Party & 3rd-Party segments, in LATAM it is available in:

  • Argentina (AG)
  • Brazil (BR)
  • Mexico (MX)

Q: Is there a LiveRamp graph in APAC?
A: LiveRamp does not support a device graph in APAC, instead there is a reliance on a higher percentage of inventory carrying a Ramp ID.

Q. Why should I expect match rates to improve?
A. Match Rates will improve because the need for a cookie sync between the Exchange and Beeswax will be eliminated for the portion of traffic that carries the RampID. Additionally, our LiveRamp segments are now larger (more cookies, more device IDs, CTV IDs) because of the additional linkages LiveRamp has from the scale of its graph.

Q. Does Advanced Filtering work with RampID?
A. Yes, Advanced QPS Filtering will work for RampID segments, including not just the RampID but also the associated cookie and device IDs.

Q: Does the segment shell need to be created before activation from LiveRamp?
A: No, segment taxonomies are managed automatically for 1P segments delivered from LiveRamp

Q: Are VideoDSP customers supported?
A: Yes

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