Platform Targeting (Targeting 1.0)

This article is relevant only to customers on Targeting 1.0. For Targeting 2.0, please find the relevant article here.

Platform targeting is used to ensure you are targeting the desired device or platform, including device types and operating systems. Platform targeting data is generally present, and so can be used in both INCLUDE and EXCLUDE fashion.

Targeting Key Description Recommendation
Browser User’s web browser (Chrome, Safari) Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.
Browser Version User’s browser version Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.
Operating System Specifies the operating system of the device. This is always passed back and is a reliable way to target specific device types or inventory types. Target mobile or desktop specific inventory via operating system, for example, target Android, iOS and Windows Mobile for mobile only targeting.
Device Type The type of device from which the impression originated. Not a reliable way to INCLUDE target because it is not always passed by by the exchanges. Include targeting by device type can limit delivery. Use EXCLUDE targeting.
Device Make Make of the device, e.g. Apple. Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.
Device Model Model of the device, e.g. iPhone. Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.
Device Screen Size Physical dimensions of the screen size.  The sizes are (in pixel area):
XL - Greater than 640001
L - From 250001 to 640000
M - From 90001 to 250000
S - Less than or equal to 90000
Use EXCLUDE targeting. INCLUDE targeting may limit delivery.

Best Practices For Platform Targeting

There are several different ways you can target mobile app, mobile web or desktop web inventory. Below are the best practices that optimize for both reach and accuracy:

Platform Best practice targeting to reach Platform
Desktop Web For Desktop Web inventory, the best practice is simply to to utilize the “Operating System” key within the“Platform” targeting module. 
Specifically, INCLUDE target
Windows, OSX, Linux/Unix within the “Operating System” targeting key.
Mobile App For Mobile App inventory, the best practice is to target utilize the “Environment Type” targeting key within the “Inventory” targeting module. 
Specifically, select the “In-App” value from the “Environment Type” targeting key.
Mobile Web To target mobile web, the best practice is to combine “Operating System” and “Environment Type” targeting.
Specifically you should
  1. Target “Web” from the “Environment Type” targeting key
  2. Target “Android, iOS, Windows Mobile” from the “Operating System” targeting key
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