Multi-Lists (Targeting 1.0)

This feature is deprecated for customers that have migrated to the latest version of Beeswax Targeting. It is replaced by the Targeting OR feature.
Beeswax provides the ability to target via lists. In the Buzz UI, when multiple list types are added to the targeting, these will be AND’d together by default. However, in cases where you wish to OR across list types, you must use the Multi-List feature.

To enable Multi-Lists in your account please reach out to or your Account Manager.                                                                  

Targeting using default settings

Adding Domain list 426 and App Bundle List 380 using the standard targeting would AND these lists together.

For this line to serve, the bid request would need to have a domain list item AND app bundle list item AND Geo ‘United States of America’ AND Inventory source ‘Google Adx’

Targeting using Multi Lists

Adding Domain list 426 and App Bundle 380 using multi-lists would OR these lists together. 

For this line to serve, the bid request would need to have (domain list item OR app bundle list item) AND Geo ‘United States of America’ AND Inventory source ‘Google Adx’.

How to add Multi-Lists to Targeting

To target using Multi-Lists follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the targeting tab in your line item
  2. Select the module available called “Multi-Lists”
  3. Select your lists you would like to OR together 
  4. Choose if you want to “Include” or “Exclude” these lists
  5. Check the Summary - lists under “Multi-Lists” will be OR’d together and AND’d with other targeting keys e.g Geo & Inventory.

Lists available for Multi-List Targeting

All Lists are available for targeting when using multi-lists. The Buzz UI shows up to 20 lists per list type, which are sorted in descending order for ease of use. If the list is not viewable, please use the search bar to locate this list. 

Note: The same list type appears both within the multi-list section and the designated key for that particular list type. For example: App Bundle List will appear in the Multi-list and in the Mobile App section. It is crucial that the same key is not included in both places for accurate targeting. 

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