Custom ID Spaces

Beeswax allows customers to target more than just the Beeswax cookie ID and mobile device IDs. Customers who operate their own supply or maintain their own ID graph are able to target based on a first party user identifier. Beeswax supports the ability to:

  • Specify a field within the openRTB bid request that contains a first party user identifier
  • Upload users of that ID type to segments in Beeswax
  • Match auctions against users with this ‘Customer ID’.

Customers also have the ability to Frequency Cap on these identifiers.

This feature removes the need for cookie match/sync and hosted match tables, which results in 100% match rate and can provide a significant increase in scale to user-targeted campaigns.

Enabling Custom ID Spaces on your Bidder

Please reach out to your Beeswax Account Manager if you would like to begin using this feature, as this is an advanced use-case. Turning on this feature will require a small amount of work to enable in order for Beeswax to map the Customer ID to the correct field in the bid request. To kick this process off you will need to:

  • Provide exchange documentation used in supply integration
  • Clearly indicate the field in bid requests you send which represents your first party cookie ID. This is typically, but we understand that some customers may choose to include these in an extension field.


Q: We already support segment uploads with a user_id_type of CUSTOMER. How is this auction-provided on Customer IDs any different?
A: There is no match table between the customer ID space and the Beeswax ID space. Previously, using the user_id_type “CUSTOMER” typically requires a hosted match table. With this release, as long as the customer ID is in the bid request there will be no need for a match table.

Q: Can a customer use an augmentor to add a customer ID and then frequency cap or segment match on it?
A: No, the Customer ID needs to be present in the auction when Beeswax receives it.

Q: Is there a charge for this service?
A: Because this feature requires custom engineering configuration there may be an implementation fee. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Q: Can I use this as an advertiser or marketer? I have first party data.
A: This feature is dependent on the supply-side exchange passing an ID into the bid request, and it is most appropriate for companies that control the auction, such as exchanges and data providers.

Q: Do Customer IDs appear in logs?
A: Yes, these IDs will appear in the field inventory_source_user_id in auction, bid and win-logs..

Q: How does frequency capping work? Is the Customer ID used instead of the cookie or in addition?
A: Please find frequency capping information here.

Q: Does this mean I can use an ID from an ad tech partner such as a DMP?
A: No, right now we support only Custom IDs provided through an exchange. 

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