Interstitials and Responsive Creatives for Google Ad Exchange

Google Authorized Buyers ("AdX") interstitial creative matching is unique compared to other exchanges. AdX sends their interstitial traffic with accommodation for variable sizing, while all other exchanges only support the declared sizes on the bid request. The full details of the AdX best practices can be found here:

To receive interstitial traffic across all exchanges, ensure with your Beeswax Account Manager that your bidder is receiving traffic filtered by Interstitial-- a field on the bid request  (imp.instl) that all mobile app exchanges populate.

You should NOT have your traffic filtered by typical interstitial ad sizes (i.e. 320x480, 480x320, etc), as it would exclude a fair amount of AdX interstitial traffic. 

Standard Creatives on AdX Interstitial Traffic

For creative matching on AdX Interstitial requests, Beeswax will match any creative size that matches between 50%-100% of the screen width and 40%-100% of the screen height. This means that a creative smaller than the full screen mobile screen can match and will render in the middle of the screen. This logic only applies to AdX and no other exchanges. 

Responsive Creatives

A Responsive or, as AdX refers to it, “sizeless” creative is one that can be safely resized to different dimensions without causing creative rendering issues. A creative can be marked as Responsive on any Banner tag based creative in the Buzz UI/API.

Customers should declare their creatives as Responsive if and only if both:

  1. The creatives are actually responsive (i.e can be resized without causing rendering issues) 
  2. You always want the creative to take up the full screen size of the mobile device on AdX 

On all other exchanges, the Responsive declaration will be ignored, and the declared creative size is what is used for matching.

Responsive Creatives on AdX Interstitial Traffic

Once a creative is marked as Responsive:

  • Since creatives marked as Responsive can be rendered at different sizes, Beeswax declares the size for AdX to render in the bid response. In order to fill the full screen, the size will be set to the device width and device height.
  • Beeswax will declare the creative as Responsive during submission for creative approval on AdX and also in the bid response. This optimization ensures the creative is approved to bid immediately for any responsively generated creative size.

The below is a summary of the different behaviors expected for creatives on AdX:

Type of Request Creative “Responsive” in Buzz? Matching Logic  Creative Size in Bid  Response Creative Approval 
Interstitial NO Match any creative that matches in the range of 50%-100% of the screen width and 40%-100% of the screen height in the request Set to the size of the creative declared in Buzz  Regular creative approval
Interstitial YES Match any creative that matches in the range of 50%-100% of the screen width and 40%-100% of the screen height in the request Creative size is set to the device.width and device.height on the request so that it fills the entire screen The creative is submitted as “Responsive” in both the bid response and AdX creative approval. Any new size generated bypasses new creative approvals.
Non-Interstitial Does not apply Does not apply Does not apply Does not apply 
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