DoubleVerify Pre-bid Targeting

Beeswax is integrated with DoubleVerify allowing for pre-bid targeting across exchanges. Below is a list of special segments utilizing the following DoubleVerify products:

Product Set Description Inventory Type Supported
Brand Safety & Suitability Brand safety solution provides data to understand the Brand Safety & Suitability classification of sites or apps.  ✅Desktop
 ✅Mobile Web Display & Video 

 ✅Mobile In-App Display & Video 

OTT/CTV not supported

Fraud & Invalid Traffic

Fraud & Invalid traffic solution provides data on the traffic validity (e.g. is the impression request from a fraud bot?) of sites, apps, and impressions.  ✅Desktop 
 ✅Mobile Web Display & Video
 ✅Mobile In-App Display & Video


Display Viewability Display Viewability solution provides data on sites or apps classified by historical fraud-free display viewability rates.  ✅Desktop
 ✅Mobile Web Display
 ✅Mobile In-App Display

Video Viewability & Player Size Video Viewability & Player Size solution provides data on sites or apps classified by historical fraud-free video viewability performance, video player size, and CTV Fully On-Screen (FOS) inventory.  ✅Desktop
 ✅Mobile Web Video
 ✅Mobile In-App Video

✅OTT/CTV supports:
  • FOS Certified Environments - CTV Only Inventory
  • FOS Certified Environments - CTV and Mobile App Inventory
Contextual Contextual solution provides information on sites or apps based on the categories from the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) taxonomy.  ✅Desktop
 ✅Mobile Web Display & Video
 ✅Mobile In-App Display & Video

OTT/CTV not supported

Authentic Brand Suitability Authentic Brand Safety solution allows DoubleVerify advertisers to create a centralized set of brand safety controls as custom segments and automatically deploy them across multiple programmatic buying platforms and campaigns.  ✅Desktop
 ✅Mobile Web Display & Video
 ✅Mobile In-App Display & Video

OTT/CTV not supported

Custom Contextual In-Market and Events

Off-the-shelf contextual segments to target users based on seasonal events, including holidays, sporting or shopping events. In-market segments provide information about the site to infer what the consumer may be in-market for, for example - Automotives, Luxury Goods, etc. 

 ✅ Web and Mobile Web

In-App, OTT/CTV not supported
Custom Contextual

Custom Contextual targeting allows advertisers to create highly accurate and brand relevant contextual segments in a centralized location, and automatically update targeting settings from a single source, across multiple campaigns. These segments are custom and should only be targetable by the customer that created them. 

✅ Desktop
✅ Mobile Web
✅ Mobile in-app
✅ CTV-App
Authentic Attention

Powered by DoubleVerify's machine learning technology and industry-wide attention data, advertisers can activate the DV Universal Attention Segment to eliminate low attention domains and optimize campaign performance.

✅ Desktop
✅ Mobile Web Display and Video
✅ Mobile in-app display and video

OTT/CTV not supported

*Pricing for the usage of each of the different products can be found within the platform. The CPM is marked clearly alongside the segments when choosing them for targeting.*

Pricing when using multiple DoubleVerify Segments

You may target as many segments within a Product Set (e.g. combining a Video Viewability segment with a Player Size segment) without incurring additional costs - you will only pay the CPM fee associated with that Product Set.

When targeting across Product Sets (e.g. combining Display Viewability with Contextual), you will pay the sum of all the Product Set rates (e.g. Display Viewability CPM fee + Contextual CPM fee).

DoubleVerify Custom Contextual Custom Segments

If you are already a customer of DoubleVerify, you are able to create Custom Contextual segments via the DoubleVerify UI, push these into your Beeswax instance and target them as custom segments.

  • If this is the first time you would like to target a DoubleVerify Custom Contextual segment, please reach out to Beeswax Support or your Account Manager so we can enable this for your account.
  • Once this is enabled, you can create your custom segment in the DoubleVerify UI. If you do not already have access to DoubleVerify or need assistance, you can email
  • When creating a new custom segment in the DoubleVerify UI, ensure that Beeswax is selected from the "Buying Platform Activation" list otherwise the segment will be ineligible for use with Beeswax for targeting.
  • Once you have created the custom segment, please reach out to Beeswax Support at so we can map the segment. Please provide the custom DoubleVerify ID (this should be a 8-digit integer starting with '52').
  • We will confirm once we have mapped the DoubleVerify segment in the Beeswax platform. Once confirmed, you can find the segment available in your Buzz instance in the 'Segments' tab of line item targeting.
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