Segment Delivery Report

The Segment Delivery Report allows users to see how impressions and performance metrics index across different targeted Segment IDs.

An individual record in the Segment Delivery Report represents one impression delivered against a single segment. As an impression can target and match against multiple segments there will often be multiple records for the same impression. Therefore, one should not expect the sum of records to match the total impressions served by that line item (as seen in other Report Builder reports).


Dimension Name Dimension Description
Date/Hour YYYY-MM-DD HH:00 - Based on the bid time for the impression
Segment Alternative ID Customer Alternative Segment ID
Segment Key Beeswax Segment Key in format: <buzzkey>-<segment_ID>
Segment Name Beeswax Segment Name
Account ID Beeswax Buzzkey Account ID
Account Name Beeswax Buzzkey Account Name
Advertiser ID Beeswax Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name Beeswax Advertiser Name
Advertiser Alt ID Customer Alternative Advertiser ID
Campaign ID Beeswax Campaign ID
Campaign Alt ID Customer Alternative Campaign ID
Campaign Name Beeswax Campaign Name
Creative ID Beeswax Creative ID
Creative Name Beeswax Creative Name
Creative Alt ID Customer Creative Alternative ID
Creative Size Creative Dimensions - Width x Height
Line Item ID Beeswax Line Item ID
Line Item Alt ID Customer Line Item Alternative ID
Line Item Name Beeswax Line Item Name
Flight ID Beeswax Flight ID
Flight Name Beeswax Flight Name
Environment Type APP, WEB, UNKNOWN
Currency Currency of the line item
Placement Type Placement Type of the impression (banner, video, native, banner_and_video, unknown)
Viewability Vendor Name Name of the viewability vendor’s pixel being used on the Creative


Metric Name Metric Description
Impressions Number of impressions counted
Clicks Number of clicks counted
Conversions Number of conversions.  Note that the timeframe will be based on the bid time for the impression, and not the time of conversion like in the Conversion Report.  
(Note: Segment Delivery Report does not currently distinguish between event IDs. Only certain other reports have this offering.)
Conversion Orders In USD $0.00
Conversion Value In USD $0.00
Video Plays Number of video plays
Video Q1s Number of videos that played to at least 25% completion
Video Midpoints Number of videos that played to at least 50% completion
Video Q3s Number of videos that played to at least 75% completion
Video Completes Number of videos that played to 100% completion
Video Complete Percent Percentage of videos completed by user
Video Skips Number of video skips performed
CTR Click Through Rate - number of clicks over number of impressions
CPC Cost Per Click
Spend Media Spend + Vendor Fees in USD ($)
Inventory Cost Exchange clearing price in USD ($)
CPM Cost per 1000 impressions - in USD ($)
Viewable Impressions The number of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was in view for more than a second
Measurable Impressions The number of impressions where viewability was measured by the vendor Creative Add-on
vCPM The CPM calculated against viewable impressions
Viewability % Viewable Impressions / Total Impressions counted by Beeswax
Measurable Imp % Measurable Impressions / Total Impressions counted by Beeswax
Viewability/Measurability % Viewable Impressions / Measurable Impressions
Viewable Seconds Total number of seconds that were viewable
Average Viewable Seconds Viewable seconds / Viewable Impressions
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