Flexible Targeting Across Fields

Buzz 2.0 includes a flexible targeting option that provides customers a more powerful way to control line item targeting. This feature can be used in cases where different targeting keys need to be OR’ed before being AND’ed with other targeting keys. Targeting OR replaces the multi-list function (for more on this see FAQ).

How it Works

At the bottom of each targeting module (except Time and User) there is an OR section where you can select targeting keys you would like to OR together, as well as the values for those targeting fields. 

You can only OR targeting keys within the same module and not across modules. You can, however, use OR targeting in multiple modules at once to result in combined targeting like “(USA OR Paris) AND (App List OR Domain List)”.

The order and logic of evaluation is as follows:

  1. Values within the OR fields will be evaluated first
  2. Then it will be AND’ed with the rest of the targeting keys 

In the targeting summary, OR’ed items will show up under the grouping of “Include At Least One Of”.

In the above example, App Bundle list 527 and Domain List 528 will be OR’ed together, and USA and Paris will be OR’ed together. They will then be AND’ed together with Index Exchange.

For this line to serve, the bid request would need to match on ((App Bundle list 527 OR Domain List 528) AND (Country United States of America OR City Paris, FR)) AND Index Exchange. 


  1. A targeting key cannot be used in both the OR and AND sections. For example, the following case won’t be possible:

Country - USA 


Geo OR: Country - France OR City - New York

The above will result in no impressions within France. 

However, it is valid to have the same targeting key as both EXCLUDE and OR targeted:

EXCLUDE: Region - NJ


Geo OR: Region - New York OR Zip code list

Once a targeting key has been INCLUDED in the AND section, it will be disabled in the OR field dropdown and be unavailable for selection. If a targeting key has been INCLUDED in the OR section, and a user attempts to add the same targeting key to the AND section, it will be enforced as EXCLUDE, as will any of the values within that targeting key.

  1. Excludes cannot be OR’ed together. This is because OR’ed exclude groups could easily result in the entire universe of impressions. For example, it does not make sense to:



EXCLUDE City - Paris

This operation logic would result in targeting all impressions available, which is likely not desired.

In the OR section, you will not be able to select the Exclude verb. Everything is set to be Include targeted. 


AND Section:

OR Section:

As you can see above, because the Deal ID List targeting key is enabled in the OR section, all Include options are disabled in the AND section. Exclude options are all disabled in the OR section.


Q: Is this the same as multi-list?
A: They are similar but targeting OR is more powerful. Multi-list allows you to OR different lists together but not other targeting fields. Targeting OR allows you to OR almost any targeting fields together as long as they are within the same module. Multi-list is not supported in the new targeting.

Q: What would happen to my existing line items using multi-list when migrating to Buzz 2.0?
A: They will be migrated to Targeting OR and can be found under the module “App/Site”. 

Q: What are some limitations to this feature?
A: This feature is not available in the Time and User modules. Also you can only OR targeting keys within the same module and not across modules on a single line item.

Q: Why are some fields disabled while some others are available?
A: There could be different reasons why that happened but it is likely that you have utilized that field in the regular targeting section where things are AND’ed together.

Q: I would like to OR segment with my lists or Geo targeting, do you support that?
A: Not in this initial release.

Q: Is there any change to Passthrough Deal ID lists?
A: No, Passthrough deals IDs will continue to be set at the account level.

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