Targeting Favorites

Users can set targeting fields as favorites in order to remove unnecessary clutter and make targeting changes more efficient. 

How it Works

In the UI, there is a ☆ in front of each targeting field which can be ticked off like a checkbox. Once you’ve selected your favorites, you can use the “Show ★ and edited only” toggle at the bottom of the modules list to enable and disable the feature. When toggled on, only fields with the ☆ checked or that already have values in place will be shown. If a module does not contain any fields that match those criteria, it will be removed from the sidebar. 

The UI remembers the favorites set-up for a user and will use it across other line items’ targeting tabs


Q: At what level are targeting favorites saved?
A: Targeting favorites are saved on a per-user per-account basis. So when masquerading into a different account, the previous favorites settings will not be honored. Since accounts can vary with what activity they run, this feature allows users to save their own set of favorites unique to each account they are in. 

Q: Can Favorites be set as default account-wide?
A: No, Favorites are set by users individually.

Q: Can Favorites be set by API or do they have any effect on API usage?
A: No, Favorites are UI-only.

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