Hulu Buyer's Guide

Hulu is a unique publisher with requirements that buyers should be aware of before running campaigns against their inventory.

Setting up a Hulu Deal ID

Hulu does not allow programmatic buyers to purchase their inventory via the open market. Campaigns must be approved by the Hulu team, who will provision you a private deal ID for targeting within your line items. 

Currently, Hulu sells their inventory exclusively through Telaria. If you have a direct relationship with Telaria, you may reach out to them in order to start the process of creating a Hulu deal ID. If not, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Creative Requirements

Hulu has quality requirements that creatives must meet in order to be eligible to serve on their inventory. These requirements are outlined in our HD video help article here.

By default, Hulu will only accept VAST Inline creatives that use Beeswax’s “HD - Constant Bitrate” transcoding profile, but on a case-by-case basis they may accept VAST Wrapper creatives as long as they meet Hulu’s quality standards. Buyers should work directly with their Hulu contacts for approval.

If you are using a VAST Wrapper creative, ensure that the ‘Creative Attributes’ are set up to meet Hulu's specifications. No API Framework should be used, and your VAST must have a video bit rate of 15,000 kbs or higher to match Hulu traffic.

Reporting and Logs

Hulu has a strict privacy policy that prohibits us from sending log-level data from their inventory to customers.

Bid and impression data from Hulu will be included in aggregate reporting (i.e. the reports available in Report Builder), but Hulu data will not be included in auction, bid, or win logs.

Custom Augmentors and Bidding Agents

Since the same information that would be available in logs would also be exposed to customers’ augmentors and bidding agents, requests from Hulu are not eligible to be sent to either.

Below is the behavior you can expect to see:

  • Custom Augmentors: bid requests from Hulu will bypass your custom augmentor and will be sent directly to your bidder.
  • Custom Bidding Agents: line items using a custom bidding strategy will not be eligible to bid on Hulu inventory. Please use a standard strategy instead.
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