Release Notes: January 2021

To kick off the new year, Nielsen third-party data and multi-account support for Report Builder are now available. Please be aware we have also announced the deprecation date of the Query Tool and its corresponding API endpoints: June 30th, 2021.

Highlighted Release

Nielsen Third-Party Data 

Third-party data segments from Nielsen are now available for targeting on web, mobile app, and CTV. Please see below for the specific data sets and categories being made available, as well as the markets they cover:

Data Set Categories of data Geographic Market
eXelate Segments B2B, Demographics, Intent, Interest, Location-based, and Smart Segments U.S., UK, France, Germany, Spain
Nielsen Segments B2B, Demographics, FMCG, Tech, TV Viewing, Lifestyle, and Movies U.S., UK, France, Germany, Spain
Nielsen Buyer Insights Segments Retail, Entertainment, Financial Services, Restaurants, Travel, and e-Commerce U.S., UK
Gracenote TV viewers by channel, program and Ad exposure U.S.
VisualDNA Segments Auto, B2B, Brand, Demographics, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Drink, Gifting, Lifestyle, Mobile & App, Personality, Retail & Consumer Goods, Travel, and TV U.S., UK, France, Germany, Spain
Nielsen CPG Quotient Segments Alcohol, Baby, Bakery, Beverages, Dairy, Floral, Frozen, Grocery, Health and Personal Care, Household, Meat and Poultry, Pet Care, Produce, Seafood, and Tobacco & Smoking U.S.
Nielsen Auto Cloud Segments Auto, Auto Insurance, Auto Intenders, Auto Parts and Repair, Auto Warranty, Auto Enthusiasts, and Automotive Repair U.S.

Please reach out to your account team to make these segments available.

Reporting and Measurement

Multi-Account Reporting

Multi-Account Support is now available in the Report Builder UI, API, and customer-generated dashboards. With this release, any report may be run against some or all accounts available per a user’s permissions, allowing easy access to cross-account insights.

This update does not affect users who only access a single account.

Multi-account reporting is set in the Report Builder via the new “Account ID Filter” in the “Filters” section at the top of the Report Builder screens. When using the API, it is executed by adding the new account_id_filter parameter to API POST requests and following standard Looker "Number Filter" syntax when generating a new report or pulling saved reports. 

Please note that when saving or running multi-account reports via API, the “group” folder will always be the last Account accessed in the UI. As such, if you intend to run multi-account reports, please make sure to masquerade into the Account you wish to save to or save your reports in a personal folder.

Deprecation of Query Tool and API 0.5 Reporting Endpoints

On June 30th, 2021, we will fully deprecate the Query Tool and its associated API endpoints. Migration to Report Builder must be completed by this time.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have. 

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