Release Notes: February 2021

This month we’re pleased to announce that Bulk Edits for Targeting has entered open beta, any interested customer may now test this new feature. We are also announcing cross-device frequency capping and some platform changes.

Highlighted Release

Bulk Edits for Targeting Entering Open Beta

Following our limited beta from last month, we are opening up the use of targeting bulk edits to all customers. During our limited beta, targeting bulk edits supported the following five operations:

  • Add to Existing
  • Remove All Values
  • Find & Remove
  • Find & Replace
  • Replace All Values

With the latest release, we have also added several usability improvements including detailed error reporting, improvement in information architecture, ability to skip invalid line items, and making the entry point of bulk editing more visible. 

To enable bulk edits for targeting, please reach out to your account team. Further, to learn more about how to use bulk edits for targeting and what’s coming next, please register for the training here.

Campaign Management

Cross-Device Frequency Capping 

Building on our existing frequency capping functionalities, we are launching cross-device frequency capping via LiveRamp and Tapad IDs. Going forward, users will be able to use LiveRamp’s IDL or Tapad’s ID as primary IDs for frequency capping. 

Using this feature will incur a $0.05 CPM and will enable frequency capping at individual or household levels. This CPM will only be charged if the ID in question is actually used, i.e., it would not be incurred in scenarios where a cross-device ID is the primary ID, but falls back onto another ID.

To enable cross-device frequency capping, please reach out to your account team.

Activity Log Event Storage Changes

Beginning on March 1, 2021, outside of creation events, the Activity Log will no longer maintain events older than 90 days. This will affect users who view the Activity Log or Targeting Activity Logs at the Campaign and Line Item levels, the Activities status window in the Line Item Overview tab, as well as anyone who accesses the Activity Log via API.

Reporting and Measurement

Report Builder Hosting Domain Change

To maintain consistency with an update made in November, links to Report Builder in emails and other locations in the Report Builder UI will now direct to or originate from "" rather than ""  We do not anticipate changes to workflows, and this domain is secure and maintained by Beeswax. Links in existing scheduled reports will continue to work.

Please reach out to your account team with any questions.

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