Deal Troubleshooting

Deal IDs are one of the most common ways to transact over RTB. Deals can come in many forms and auction types (1st price, 2nd price, fixed price). Below are some steps to troubleshoot line items that aren’t delivering on deals:

  1. Is traffic enabled? Confirm that you are receiving QPS for the deal ID(s) you’re targeting. You can easily find this in Metamarkets by searching the ‘Deal ID’ field. To reduce the need to contact Beeswax for every deal you negotiate, you can utilize Deal ID Lists to manage your Deal ID QPS. Please consult with your Customer Success Manager on best practices.

    1. Google AdX deals created using the Beeswax seat need to be “Accepted” within our Authorized Buyers account. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to accept your AdX deals once they’ve been set up.
  2. Have you included the exchange prefix? Ensure that you’ve included the exchange prefix (e.g. “sx/” for SpotX) on the targeted Deal ID. Each exchange has a unique prefix that you can find here.
  3. Is your bid price above the floor? Confirm you are bidding above the deal floor. The floor price in Metamarkets is the Open Market floor, not the deal specific floor, so please consult with the exchange on the floor price.
  4. The auction type is important to consider:

    1. 1st & 2nd Price: Beeswax may reduce your bid with our media seat fee and/or the discrepancy allowance for these auction types, so you should bid higher than the floor price to ensure your bid is submitted.
    2. Fixed Price: Beeswax will not reduce your bid, so you can bid the exact price of the deal.
  5. Are your creatives approved on the Exchange? We have creative APIs with Google AdX and AppNexus so you can ensure your creatives are approved. For other exchanges like Index, we do not currently support their creative API so you may see bids but no wins (more detail here). Please reach out to the exchange directly to troubleshoot. If you do not have a direct relationship with the exchange, Beeswax Support can help liaise.
  6. Has your seat or advertiser domain been explicitly approved for the deal? Some Deal IDs are specific to a buyer seat via the wseat OpenRTB parameter, or set an include or exclude advertiser or category. If you’re targeting a deal that hasn’t been specifically approved for your seat, advertiser, or advertiser category, please check with the exchange.
  7. Is your targeting too restrictive? If you’re bidding but delivery is limited, this is likely the reason. Not all deal IDs will match your exact targeting criteria, especially 1st and 3rd party audiences or domain/app lists. Some exchanges also obfuscate user IDs and/or IPs, which limit the ability to target audiences or geographies.


For Programmatic Guaranteed deals specifically, please review the PG guidelines. Ensure that you are receiving 100% of the Deal ID inventory and that line items targeting PG deals do not have any additional targeting, frequency caps, or pacing set.

For Hulu deals specifically, please review Beeswax’s Hulu Buyer’s Guide

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