Release Notes: March 2021

This month we’re pleased to announce that user-based fields, including frequency caps, are now available in Bid Models! Other releases include new supply integrations, geo conversion reporting for SKAdNetwork, and a pricing update for IAS Verification Solutions.

Highlighted Release

User-Based Fields in Bid Models

User-Based Fields such as Targeted Segment, Segment Recency, and Frequency are now available to be used in Bid Models. Valuable segments such as retargeting audiences may now be used in combination with other highly performant variables to inform bid prices. These new fields increase the flexibility of what’s already one of the most flexible and powerful custom optimization solutions in-market. Please see below for a quick overview of how these fields are used:

  • Targeted Segment:
    • Based off segment ID values
    • Bid Models do not support dynamic segments
  • Segment Recency:
    • Requires two columns to activate—”targeted_segment” and “segment_recency”
    • “segment_recency” values are aligned with predefined recency windows
  • Frequency:
    • Requires two columns to activate—User ID type and “frequency_window”
    • There are seven user ID types that may be used, and the User ID column specifies the ID type and frequency count. Please note that only one User ID type may be used per Bid Model.
    • “frequency_window” specifies the lookback window for impressions
    • Similar to “segment_recency,” the values used for User IDs and “frequency_window” refer to predefined values. 

Please see our documentation on GitHub for more details.

Campaign Management

New Supply Integrations

This month we have added new inventory from: 

  • Criteo: header supply for desktop display in the U.S.
  • TripleLift: mobile and desktop display, video, and native inventory as well as mobile in-app in the U.S., EU, and APAC
  • Rich Audience: mobile and desktop display, video, and native inventory as well as mobile in-app in the U.S., EU, and LATAM

Reporting and Measurement

Geo Conversion Reporting Update

To assist with the forthcoming changes from Apple restricting IDFA, we are adding the geo-based fields below to the Conversion Report and Conversion Logs. 

  • geo_city
  • geo_country
  • geo_metro
  • geo_region
  • geo_zip 

These fields are not limited to just SKAdNetwork conversions and will be available for regular conversions as well. In scenarios where data is unavailable, the fields will be left blank.

IAS Verification Solutions Pricing Correction

Per a contractual update with IAS, as of March 8, vendor fees for IAS’s display Verification Solutions will change from a $0.10 CPM to a $0.14 CPM.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have on the above

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