Guaranteed Line Items

To ensure expected performance on Programmatic Guaranteed deals, Beeswax has created Guaranteed Line Items. This line item type streamlines the workflow for setting up a PG campaign and prevents users from applying any settings that may restrict them from responding to all bid requests for the agreed deal. 

How it Works

To buy Programmatic Guaranteed deals through Beeswax, use the following setup:

  1. Click on +New -> Guaranteed Line Item

  2. Fill in all required fields (marked with an asterisk):
  3. To match the PG deal settings agreed upon with the publisher:

    1. Set the Start Date / End Date of the PG deal.
    2. Target the PG deal ID.
    3. Set the total budget for the PG deal.
    4. Set the fixed CPM for the PG deal.

    Unlike the normal Line Item view, the Guaranteed Line Item view has several fields omitted, as use of said fields would otherwise reduce the line item’s ability to bid and win against the deal. Omitted fields include:

    • Daily Budget
    • Line Item Presets
    • Flights
    • Pacing
    • Bid Shading
    • Frequency Cap
    • Segment Extension
    • Bid Modifiers
    • Delivery Modifiers
    • Experiments
    • Targeting - The only targeting that is available for Guaranteed Line Items is Deal ID and that is found in the Overview section 
    • Bidding Strategy is set to “Flat CPM Bidding” and cannot be changed.
  4. Click “Save & Continue” to navigate to the Creatives section and associate creatives to the Guaranteed Line Item. You must include all creative sizes that are part of the deal.

Campaign Level Logic

A campaign can have a mix of Guaranteed Line Items and regular line items. Accordingly, certain campaign level settings could detrimentally affect the Guaranteed Line Item’s ability to buy on a PG deal. For example: 

  • A campaign having a daily budget - If this daily budget is reached due to a combination of spend from other line items, the Guaranteed Line Item would be prevented from bidding. Since budget and pacing are determined on the publisher’s side for PG, the Guaranteed Line Item would fail to maintain the expected response rate. 
  • A campaign having a frequency cap - Frequency caps are also determined on the publisher’s side for PG. If the line items in the campaign hit the campaign frequency cap for a certain user, a Guaranteed Line Item could then be prevented from responding to a PG deal request from that same user.
  • A campaign having a start or end date that makes the campaign inactive during any portion of the expected run of the PG deal.

To deal with the possibilities above, Beeswax will apply behind-the-scenes logic to ignore certain campaign level settings only for the Guaranteed Line Items in the campaign.

Notification at the Campaign level:

Notification at the Guaranteed Line Item level:

As such, any Guaranteed Line Item will:

  • Ignore campaign budgets (lifetime and daily).
  • Ignore campaign frequency caps.
  • Ignore campaign start and end dates.
  • Ignore campaign bid modifiers.

This failsafe behind-the-scenes campaign logic should ensure PG deal compliance and reduce room for errors that may cause underdelivery. 


Q: How do I get access to the Guaranteed Line Items feature?
A: If you would like this enabled, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Q: Can this feature be used in Buzz 1.0?
A: No, the Guaranteed Line Items feature is only supported in Buzz 2.0

Q: Do I still need my Customer Success Manager to add the PG deal ID to a QPS template?
A: Yes

Q: Is there a way to make a regular line item a Guaranteed Line Item and vice-versa?
A: No. A Guaranteed Line Item is a separate object type with restrictions that differentiate it from a regular line item. If a user accidentally creates a regular line item when they meant to create a Guaranteed Line Item, they will need to start again from scratch.

Q: Can Experiments be used with Guaranteed Line Items?
A: No.  

Q: How will Guaranteed Line Item information show up in reporting?
A: There will be a field named guaranteed in bid logs, win logs, and Report Builder, with possible values of 1 = True, 0 = False, -1 = Unknown (Failed to join).

Q: Are the fields restricted in the UI for Guaranteed Line Items also restricted in the API?
A: Yes. When a line item is set to be a Guaranteed Line Item, the API does not allow the fields such as flights, daily budget, etc. to be set.

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