FreeWheel Programmatic Guaranteed Support

FreeWheel has specific requirements for running a Programmatic Guaranteed campaign. Beeswax has created a unique workflow to make the process as seamless as possible for buyers.

To buy on a FreeWheel PG deal:

  1. Create a Guaranteed Line Item.
  2. Target the FreeWheel PG Deal ID.
  3. Associate creatives to your Guaranteed Line Item. 

The FreeWheel Programmatic Guaranteed offering requires creatives to be submitted for approval on the exchange. It also requires that creatives be associated with one or more PG Deal IDs. These two things occur automatically for any creatives associated to a Guaranteed Line Item where the targeted Deal ID has the FreeWheel exchange prefix ‘stv/’. Beeswax handles this in the background and no further action is required from the user.

Once this happens, you will see in the Creative view FreeWheel as an exchange in the creative approval sidebar:

Please note that FreeWheel does not currently provide any status updates or information, so all creatives submitted are considered approved and will be served. Should your creative be rejected, the publisher will be responsible for reaching out to inform you.

Clicking on “View History” will reveal the creative<>Deal ID associations:

If an error occurs with submitting the creative or associating a Deal ID, you can see details within the creative approval history. 

Once the Creative<>Deal ID association is established, Beeswax will only receive bid requests that match the creative attributes of the approved creatives to ensure a high bid rate. The creative attributes (e.g. duration, video API framework) act as a filter within FreeWheel on the Deal ID requests that get send to Beeswax. 

Beware that any of the following actions will result in the removal of the creative<>Deal ID association:

  • Removing the Deal ID on the line item level
  • Deactivating the line item
  • Deactivating the creative


Q: Can I buy FreeWheel Programmatic Guaranteed Deals on Buzz 1.0?
A: No, FreeWheel PG is only supported in Buzz 2.0. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Deal IDs that can be associated with a creative?
A: No.

Q: What do I need to do to get my creative approved on FreeWheel?
A: Nothing. Once the FreeWheel PG deal is targeted on the Guaranteed Line Item, any associated creatives will automatically be submitted for approval.

Q: What happens if creatives get rejected in FreeWheel's audit process for a given Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) Deals?
A: If creatives get rejected in FreeWheel's audit process, Beeswax will not receive any requests from the publisher. Beeswax can see requests for the targeted PG Deals only when the creatives have been approved in FreeWheel's audit process.

Q: What do I do if my creative gets rejected on FreeWheel?
A: The publisher is responsible for flagging any creative rejections to you. Once you are aware that any creatives have been rejected, you should update, remove, or disassociate them from the line item to ensure a high bid rate.

Q: Where can I see the deals associated with the creative?
A: Creative <> Deal ID associations can be found in the creative approval history.  

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