Release Notes: April 2021

This month we’re pleased to announce—among several other releases—support for FreeWheel Programmatic Guaranteed, an updated programmatic guaranteed workflow, and that Bulk Edits for Targeting has entered general availability.

Highlighted Release

FreeWheel Programmatic Guaranteed (Open Beta)

Beeswax support for FreeWheel programmatic guaranteed (PG) deals is now in open beta for customers using Targeting v2. Leverage our newly updated PG workflow detailed below and immediately begin planning and executing deals with some of the world’s most premium publishers.

Campaign Management

Guaranteed Line Items (Open Beta)

With the increasing importance of programmatic guaranteed deals, we are pleased to announce a new, simpler, and more intuitive workflow for executing these deals within Beeswax with the release of Guaranteed Line Items. Going forward, it will be possible to create designated Guaranteed Line Items within campaigns. 

Guaranteed Line Items differ from standard line items in several ways listed below:

  • Set up is streamlined to be specifically relevant to PG deals:
    • The only targeting that is available is Deal ID, now housed in the Overview section 
    • Daily Budget cannot be set, only Lifetime Budget can be
    • Bidding Strategy is set to “Flat CPM Bidding” and cannot be changed
    • The following sections and features have been removed:
    • Targeting section 
      • Flights 
      • Pacing options 
      • Bid Shading 
      • Frequency caps
      • Cross device extension (i.e. through Liveramp, Tapad) 
      • Bid Modifiers 
      • Delivery Modifiers
      • Experiments 
  • Guaranteed Line Items automatically ignore restrictions meant to apply to non-PG lines such as:
    • Lifetime campaign budgets (Please note that it is possible that Guaranteed Line Items can overspend a campaign’s allocated budget, please make sure to account for this during setup)
    • Daily campaign budgets
    • Campaign frequency caps
    • Campaign start and end dates
    • Campaign Bid Modifiers

Finally, a new field named "Guaranteed" will be added to bid and win logs to denote whether the line item was set up as a PG line item.

Targeting Bulk Edits Now in General Availability

After months of testing, we’re proud to announce that Bulk Edits for Targeting is now generally available. Use this feature to save time during campaign setup and updates.

New Supply Integrations

Proper Media’s mobile and desktop web display and video inventory are now available.

New and Updated DoubleVerify Pre-Bid Segments Coming May 3 

On Monday, May 3, we will perform a taxonomy update for DoubleVerify. This will enable DoubleVerify’s recently introduced Brand Suitability Tiers and ensure alignment between our UI and DoubleVerify’s new naming conventions. We will automatically map your existing segments to the new Brand Suitability Tiers so as a result, be aware that some segment names may change.

GDPR Consent String Changes

On April 12, we will change the behavior of our {GDPR_CONSENT_STRING} macro. Previously our macro would encode an already encoded consent string resulting in the consent string being encoded twice. Going forward, since they are already encoded, we will no longer encode incoming consent strings a second time.

Reporting and Measurement

Deprecation of Query Tool: June 30th

This is a reminder that our old reporting interface, Query Tool, will be deprecated on June 30th. In preparation for this transition, if you haven’t already, be sure to rebuild all saved/scheduled reports in Report Builder, and, if applicable, migrate from Query Tool APIs to Report Builder APIs.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have.

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