Release Notes: May 2021

This month we’re excited to announce the launch of new deal management tools, several quality of life updates, support for AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork attribution, and new fields added to logs.

Campaign Management

Deal ID Management and Deal CPM Override

Following on last month’s launch of Guaranteed Line Items, we’re making managing private deals even easier for customers who have migrated to Targeting v2. 

A new "Deals" page has been added to Trafficking. You can use Deals screen to manage all your deal IDs and useful associated data in a single centralized view. 

Deals may now be easily selected for targeting from a list during Line Item set up and no longer require text entry. In addition, a default CPM Override can be set for each Deal ID and automatically applied on the Line Item to override the basic CPM defined on the Line Item Overview. This makes it easier to create Line Items that target both deal IDs and open marketplace inventory.

Further, the “Deal ID List” is being renamed to “Deal List” and exchange handles (e.g "adx/") within the list item can now be selected via a dropdown, reducing complexity and making deal management even simpler. Please note that if you continue to use the previous, text entry workflow, exchange handles are still required.

This release will not affect existing campaigns and Line Items targeting deal IDs.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Segment search results in Targeting V2 are grouped by data provider
  • The “Revenue Amount” field in campaign and Line Item set up is no longer capped at 100, which may be useful for campaigns in certain currencies
  • A new alert for failed Bid Model uploads is now available

Reporting and Measurement

AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork Attribution Support 

To improve support for iOS 14.5 and the full roll out of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) Framework, we are expanding SKAdNetwork attribution support to key mobile measurement partners (MMPs) beginning with AppsFlyer. This release will allow us to pass conversion information received from Apple, allowing AppsFlyer to act as a source of truth or enrich the data on behalf of joint customers.

Please reach out to your account team to enable AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork support or if there is an MMP you’d like to see an integration with in the future.

Log-Level Data Updates

Over the last few weeks, several fields have been added or updated:

  • Creative Alt ID and Creative Name have been added to Bid, Win and Loss Logs
  • Clicks and Clickthrough Rate have been added to Bid Performance Report
  • Vendor Fee Reporting is now available on the Creative Level
  • Two new columns have been added to make Lat/Long Lists available in logs: lat_long_list_item_ids and lat_long_list_item_names. 
    • lat_long_list_item_ids: These are structured as the concatenation of the List and List Item ID. If multiple list items match they are comma-separated.
    • lat_long_list_item_names: this column is populated in the same order as the above column to enable matching between the two. If no name is set, but multiple list items match, empty strings will be comma-separated to maintain accuracy when matching between the two new columns.

We expect these columns to provide significant value to anyone interested in building geofencing reports in their own systems

Deprecation of Query Tool: June 30th

Query Tool, our old reporting interface, and Reporting API v0.5 will be removed entirely on June 30th. Please be sure to rebuild all saved/scheduled reports in Report Builder, and, if applicable, migrate from Query Tool APIs to Report Builder APIs.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have

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