Release Notes: June 2021

This month we’re launching a new diagnostic tool called Bid Decision Flow to help with line item troubleshooting. We’ve also implemented SKAdNetwork Targeting, expanded VAST click tracking support, and more.

Highlighted Release

Bid Decision Flow

Bid Decision Flow is a new visualization that displays the bid evaluation process and why specific line items are or are not bidding within a given timeframe. Going forward, Buzz users will be able to analyze seven different bid evaluation stages to diagnose and inform how to correct line item delivery issues. The visualization has incremental lookback windows ranging from 30 minutes up to 72 hours.

The Bid Decision Flow visualization may be found in the new Analytics tab, next to the Vendor Fees tab when managing or setting up individual line items.

Campaign Management

SKAdNetwork Targeting

While we have supported SKAdNetwork Tracking since October 2020, this release ensures campaigns with SKAdNetwork Tracking enabled only target SKAdNetwork enabled supply. While closely related, SKAdNetwork Tracking and SKAdNetwork Tracking are independent toggles within Buzz. As such, it is possible, but not recommended, to target non-SKAdNetwork enabled supply within a SKAdNetwork-enabled campaign. While targeting non-SKAdNetwork supply may improve scale, it is likely that not all conversions will be tracked.

If you are already using SKAdNetwork tracking, you will have immediate access to the SKAdNetwork Targeting toggle, however, please be aware that it was not toggled on by default to avoid changes to existing bidding behavior. As such, it must be manually switched on.

If you do not already have SKAdNetwork Tracking enabled in your campaigns and would like to take advantage of this latest release, please reach out to your account team to enable SKAdNetwork support—SKAdNetwork Targeting will be toggled on by default. 

Personal Data Access Traffic Filter

BaaS customers may now implement a traffic filter such that they only receive supply when they are permitted to use and log personal data under GDPR and/or CCPA. This filter is set on the bidder level and as a result, all traffic going to that bidder will be TCF-compliant supply where personal data may be used. Further, different criteria have been established for personal data access depending on the jurisdiction, i.e. users must provide consent for GDPR, users must be opted-in for CCPA.

Please note this filter will not apply to bid requests associated with programmatic guaranteed deals. Requests associated with a programmatic guaranteed deal will bypass the filter, as such, it is possible to see traffic without personal data access permissions even with the traffic filter enabled.

Multi-Element VAST Click Tracking Support

Beeswax has added support for third-party VAST click tracking directly within Buzz. Previously, Beeswax only directly supported third-party impression tracking. This release makes it easier to work with third-parties while also streamlining workflows. This applies to the following templates:

  •  3: VAST InLine
  •  6: VAST and VPAID Wrapper
  • 15: Native Video App Install
  • 17: Native Video Content
  • 18: Native Video App Install (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)
  • 19: Native Video Content (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)
  • 20: VAST Wrapper with MOAT Viewability 

For example, if you work with mobile measurement partners, e.g., Kochava, Appsflyer, etc., click data in addition to impression data will now be able to flow seamlessly to their platforms, providing a more complete view of all available data. Further, Beeswax macros can now auto-populate into third-party tags, eliminating the need to make manual ad server updates to ensure proper click tracking, e.g., for attribution.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have.

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