Release Notes: August 2021

Beeswax August Release: Availability Forecasting and V2 of Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers

This month we’re bringing several major releases to general availability. You can immediately leverage Availability Forecasting, and you can look forward to the new UI and enhanced functionality for Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers. We’ve completed a new integration enabling SKAdNetwork attribution with Singular. And finally, we've  added support for Account Groups that let you organize multiple accounts and control access.

Highlighted Release

Availability Forecasting is now Generally Available

After months of development and testing, we’re excited to announce that Availability Forecasting has entered GA and is available for all customers on Targeting v2. With just a few clicks, you can forecast daily, weekly, and lifetime available auctions for a given Line Item. To access Availability Forecasting, navigate to the “Analytics” tab within the Line Item view.


Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers v2 Migration

We recently completed major upgrades to Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers and a migration to the new UI was completed on Monday, August 9 for customers using Targeting v2. Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers now live in their own tab, “Optimization,” within the Line Item view.

Updated Help Center documentation for Bid Modifiers and Delivery Modifiers is now available. In the meantime, please reach out to your account team with any questions.

Campaign Management

Account Groups

Many Beeswax customers use multiple accounts to support downstream clients or to separate lines of business within their organizations. Previously, account administrators could only provision access to all accounts within a platform instance or just one.

With Account Groups, platform administrators now have the option to set up user permissions to access a subset of accounts, enabling a much higher degree of flexibility. A new permission called “Account Group” has been added to enable configuration of user account access, and the permission previously known as “Multi-account” has been renamed to “All-account Access” to reflect its functionality more accurately.

Please reach out to your account team to enable this feature or with any questions.

Reporting and Measurement

Singular SKAdNetwork Attribution Support

Similar to May’s AppsFlyer release, this release allows us to pass conversion information received from Apple to Singular, allowing Singular to act as a source of truth or enrich the data on behalf of joint customers. Please reach out to your account team to enable Singular SKAdNetwork support.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have.

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