Release Notes: September 2021

This month we’ve enhanced several features to make life easier and expand functionality. Look forward to leveraging IP and RampID in Experiments and video creative property autodetection.

Highlighted Release

IP and RampID Support for Experiments

ID support for Experiments has been expanded to include RampID and enable use of IPs on all devices. This will enable cross-device Experiments and increase flexibility when setting up Experiment Groups. 

The expansion of IP in experiments to all devices means experiments including CTV can now be run more reliably without worrying about the instability of device IDs in CTV environments. Further, the inclusion of RampID opens up person- and household-level use cases for cross-device Experiments, e.g., ensuring split testing across all devices for a person or household.

As part of this release, we are also adding a new field, “experiment_id_type” to reporting and logs. It will be available in the conversion and performance reports, as well as bid, win, attributed conversion, and streaming logs.

These new ID types are immediately available and may be used by enabling Experiments on the Campaign level, navigating to the Experiments tab, and choosing your ID type from the drop down.

Campaign Management

Video Creative Property Autodetection

Going forward, the following properties may be autodetected during individual set up or bulk upload of VAST tag creatives:

  • Video Duration 
  • Video MIME Types 
  • Video API
  • Video bitrates

This will eliminate manual work for the following creative types:

  • VAST, Wrapper
  • VAST, Wrapper with MOAT Viewability
  • Native Video App Install (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)
  • Native Video Content (VAST/VPAID Wrapper)

To use this feature during individual creative setup, look for the new “Detect Attributes” button under the VAST tag input. Once clicked, detected attributes will be shown at the bottom of the page and must be saved to automatically populate their respective fields.

The bulk upload workflow is unchanged, however, the attributes above will automatically be detected and populated as part of the upload process.

Please be in touch with any feedback you may have.

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